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Sunday, January 30, 2005

30 Jan 2005: chocolate showpiece

this was the first of the group showpieces. there were three of us in our group - rebecca jena and myself - each with our own strengths and mine being mostly aesthetics...this is a chocolate composition - with mostly couveture chocolate - rebecca led this project with jena and i being her support. it is a radio flyer with a tilted wheel with a rag doll, teddy bear and baseball...there are also building blocks to support the structure. please keep in mind that this showpiece is chocolate in its entirety - and tempered as well so that it has snap and shine and none of that funky bloom (spotty crap) that is on "regular chocolate.

Needless to say we got an A+

i hella lucked out being part of such an awesome team. chef laughingly told us youse a'll biting off more than you could chew but somehow we managed to floor everyone.

rebecca glowed on completion of this project and she had the right .

jena is happily ree ree with the fine details

and me - i dunno what i do

it was a good start to the final segment of school. three projects with each of us leading and designing the projects...then our individual sugar piece.

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