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Monday, June 27, 2005

27 June 2005: WTF is HR

it's heartrate!!!

okay i'll admit it - i went back to the gym. I'm back 3 times a week - 40 minutes of cardio plus 3 sets of 10 on 5-6 machines depending on what muscle group i'm working. I don't like it, but it's a necessary evil. bleh bleh bleh. I wanna just lay down and read or watch foreign films, or lay in the pool, or anything. Unfortunately even though i DesPIIIISE working out - I'm actually pretty good at it. Fuck that though. So many weirdos at the gym...of course there are those dudes that lift coz they wanna look the part and pick up chicks, I give myself about 3 months before I can outlift those little he-bitches. They are fuckin funny for that coz I have naturally strong muscle bellies with good length. Hahaha It's gonna shrivel their little nuts when they figure out the Filipina girl with a POKER face can outlift them. I also love the fuckin Assclowns who go to the gym and don't even work out, chests all caved in, just sitting on machines reading a newspaper. Fuckin WEAK...if you don't wanna be at home with your wife, at least have the sense in your head to go to a tittie bar - shieeeeeeet. Then there are the weird escapees of the 80's. Women in their 40's who have a little petite 80's chick from a girlband trapped in their body, who walk out the dressing room at about 250+ Lbs wearing a USA baby tee, blue and white booty shorts and some read tights with original nike's from back in the day. Wow did they really have to use that thigh machine in FRONT of me.

bwaaa hahahaha.

Like i said = I'll keep my fuckin Poker Face.

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