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Friday, July 15, 2005

12 Jul 2005: Effin 80'z kids

I see all these little kids strollin' into the dessert lounge. Wearin their fucking Miami Vice Coloured Izod Lacoste shirts, with the collars flipped up. I see their putrid little girlfriends wearing that putrid side of the head ponytail and that rainbow brite eyeshadow. I see way too much lipgloss as if the porkchops were grubbed sans fork. Oh and their arrogance is just surreal. What possibly could they have accomplished by their late teens that they are going to treat my staff as if they should be served. What possibly could fill their heads with such bullshit that they would believe it is acceptable to act so snottily...

A whole generation of shitheads and fartknockers raised on unworthy praise. I was told by a manager all that M------ wants to hear from you is that she did a good job. I replied in a chilling voice," I will tell her that WHEN she does a good job. I will not undermine this establishment by handing out false praise, what I will do is hand out encouragement and positive reinforcement..." That was the end of THAT conversation. But I see so many people raised on false praise thereby giving false self worth, thus leading to piss poor behaviours.

Look...I'm getting flashbacks to elementary school and just like the arrogant twits of my childhood, these arrogant unenlightened asspleats are just as shitty. Yuck. I didn't like the 80's then and I won't like them now. And I thought those haircuts died, but again I see bangs that could pick up barstools and way too much fuckin hairspray...

Yuck yuck yuck.

They have the same monikers of noveau wealth. So many of these little fuckheads live under the false safety of their parents money. But KNOW this...arizona money is not equivalent to reality money. Reality money means a higher cost of living and surroundings that aren't manicured to dwell within temperatures moderated by airconditioning. I see in them a total aloofness to surroundings and the world. I see that whole shallow personae and being in the now. Living in today as an enlightened creature is one thing. Living in the now as arrogant fluffheads just twists my fuckin' hipsters. Gross, grossity gross gross gross.

Why does everyone think their networth equal their self worth. I think I want to be a cocooniere again, away from the world with just my paintbrushes. That's all. I see in so many youngsters an absence of awareness; awareness of their environment, of others, of a bigger world and a truer existence. And even though my initial feeling is repulsion, my deeper feeling is sadness.

I am sad, that these will be the people charged with my old age. Believe me when I tell you I would rather be caned than trust such blind individuals.

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