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Saturday, July 16, 2005

16 Jul 2005: Stealth Mode Sucka

one of the former chef instructors stopped by the lounge tonight...yucky. he's one of those assheads who thinks coz he went to europe he's so dope. **knock knock** hey fartknocker...lots of us go to europe...all that it involves is a) a passport b)money c)the ability to read a street map. i would laugh my ass off at school when he would talk about europe this and europe that. Bwaaa hahahha... Been there, done that and a few other continents too. Also, he is one of those men who thinks he's finer than her really is. Guess what -- he ain't. Of course some sadly stated fashionistas were with him and after a few of their fake laughs they left the lounge. (i was watching from the surveillance cam in the back office.) i was far too busy tonight for small talk and such. also I don't have anything to say.

it's becoming a bad habit. i don't like talking to anyone anymore and even avoid my regulars all together. it's a shame coz they really do like me. i have fans i guess. one night i was out in the front lounge chatting up the customers and t---- laughed and said hey, you are actually out here get back in your cage you like it there. hahaha. fuckin fucker. there was another thing in the paper today and in another paper. so it's raining customers again. Bleh. Good reviews as usual.

i'm tired today. i've been working out for almost a month now. i work 4 hours on the pastry and cakes, then i go to the gym for a couple hours, then i come back to work for another 4-5 hours. i feel better. but i still think working out is overrated. i would rather smoke a joint and watch cartoons.

did i mention my cakes were on tv and everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed. Some of the newsdesk reporters even called dibs on that shit. hhaha. i don't ever wanna be in the paper or tv. i just wanna be the invisible pastry chef. look at my work don't look at me.

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