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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

08 Feb 2006: Whoring while being Hostage

So today we went on a mission. We went to the second hand store...Mom sends stuff to this parish in Baguio where the kids are orphaned or the wives are widowed. I guess it's like a women's shelter/orphanage. So the she ends up buying a grip of tees and kids clothes and womens clothes...and I find a blue life vest thing with corduroy that looks straight partridge family and it's reversible, this odd burberry rubber messenger bag and a yellow lacoste sweater that looks like somethin ur gramps would wear to play golf...The girl who's ringing us out is like why are you guys buying so much...we said it's for the orphanage. She's like awww - where? We say in the Philippines...she says oh nu uh - my girlfriend is Filipino. We're like right on right on. She's like I guess this is all 50 ff...haha. Cha Ching...I'm like hey it ain't a bad day...

Next stop. Nordicious...

My intention was to get these by Naughty Monkey:

I ended up getting these also by Naughty Monkey:

I know my little doggies are a bit ashy - but I been walkin around all day on a mission, give a girl a break.

and not 2 weeks ago I got these by Alfani:

I think your impending adulthood is expressed by the height of your shoes. What I mean is that the further you get from your 20's the lower your shoes get. I have been rebelling from this utterly and completely. I seriously want to enjoy this freedom to wear shoes I can teeter in since I don't have children right now and I still have a little switch to my hips. I am becoming enslaved by very feminine shoes lately...very very feminine...

Of course when I'm old someday I'll just wear adidas shell toes, but until that time - I'll do what I can today...

One stop at the filipino store and I grab a beef empanada and some cornik - which is like cornuts but tiny and yummy and garlic flavour...I perused the buko juice drinks and chose a diet coke instead. I carressed the wasabi shrimp chips and left them there. haha.

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