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Monday, March 7, 2005

07 Mar 2005: Nuts

Freakin nuts...

It's been nothing but busy. I feel like life was a lot of smoother while I was in school. I feel like now that I have more time i have less time. However I have to say that I have a hella lucky gig. The owners and manager of the joint I'm gigging at are actually supportive of my creative visions and my artistic monster. I also just love love love working with Rocky - he's the kewlest guy in the world. The customers are diggin on what I do in both taste and appearance. I also have this freedom to manage my time and products on my own terms. Above all in my first 4 wks there they gave me a most hefticious raise...


it seems like all I do when I get home is clean and shit - which is freakin ridiculous - coz there are 2 adults here. This shit better come to a halt - or i'mma get rough and tumble in this joint. I don't see why I should have to come home and do dishes for anyone besides my brother. I mean fuck at least when nuSun is around he OFFERS to do dishes and helps and shit yanno. Fuckkit It's not gonna be mutch longer and I'll manage to upgrade the house on my own


Katie is the bomb. We were laughing yesterday coz we seemed to have more energy while we were goin to school and working. Now that we work all we do is work and shit. bleh.


It's tough to get served divorce papers during finals but to get an A means you are doing what you are supposed to do - her ex husband is a super uber asshole.


he'll be home soon thank god. It's so weird to run errands alone. or i'll start to talk about whatever then I remember he's on a road trip. Weird. I guess I'm more used to him bein around than i thought. I miss that dreadlocked weirdo.


I gotta pick somewhere for us to go. bleh. I hate this choice - I've been to too many places which narrows my shit down. lol. I'll keep it simple

my Art

I need to make time and paint and shit...

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