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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sometimes It's Want, Sometimes It's Need,

Sometimes you get what you want.
Sometimes you get what you need.
Sometimes you get both.

I really wanted the weighted gloves so I wouldn't have to pick up weights during my workouts - being bored has made me a very chubby monkey. I don't like it at all. I had been working out with little boys NB sneakers just to cut cost and make sure that I stuck to working out - and I have been since March - so I asked for the all terrain waterproof Nike Alvord sneaker and they got it for me - I love these jokers they have really good grip even on rocky spots and watery spots - and they are one of the lightest workout shoes I've ever had.

Thanks Guys...

And if your brother can't figure out what to get you - he gets the propane torch you've been saying that you want and a few extra fatboy cans of propane...and a pair of maglite flashlights coz everyone needs a good flashlight...and an extra little card to home depot...

You know your Mother in Law knows you and loves you when she gets you a Hello Kitty Leopard Clutch...and her gifts always arrive right on time...unlike ours that get in late coz right as I"m driving to the post office I get a text from the husband that says , "Hey don't send that package yet I wanna put something in there too..."

Of course the husband wanted to get me something I wanted but the something I wanted is a bit hard to find and it will have to wait until we go to a trade show for it - but in the meanwhile this machete is perfect - because I've always wanted one around the house coz it's much easier to use than a hoe and a saw and a branch trimmer. Maybe I'm just Filipino but I think the machete is the weapon of choice. He purchased this one at the Cabela's down the street - and let me tell you - I've always been around machete's my whole life and out of the package this was the dullest knife I've ever seen. I sharpen my own steel...I have both a stone and a steel. I must warn anyone who wants to purchase a store machete bear in mind that you will put in a considerable amount of time to sharpen it to your liking. It took me about 2 hours of steady work to get it to where I like it - I just took pauses to sharpen the rest of my knives. My standard for my knives is that I have the contrasting knife edge and that it cuts through paper easily.

Which brings us to the next gift which is the Messermeister Knife Roll Bag. Excellent bag and it's in the camo print that I still like. This one holds 6 knives and also has extra little pockets for recipes small tools and such. I really like it's well sewn edges and the thick heavy duty velcro to close the handles - shoulder strap optional. I really wanted a knife roll because when I cook at other people's houses I find that if they do have knives it's normally the weird ones that just come in the block or they are just shoddily made and that is dangerous - using a dull knife is often why people cut their hands/fingers in the kitchen.

We had a very small Christmas Dinner. Just the 5 of us.

We usually get a little bonkers like Thanksgiving but this year we didn't. We had a spiral ham with honey glaze, herb an pepper encrusted cross rib roast, sweet corn with bellpeppers, ranch beans, spanish rice and glazed carrots and City Momma's famous 7-up cake. I tell you what this cake has usurped any previous requests for various desserts. The challenge for me this year was making the goody bags for Manila WHILE cooking all the regular food as well. My godbrother, sister, brother and his best friend are all leaving for Manila so since so many pieces of luggage are going I can afford the luxury of sending goodies. But it all works out and now the work is done - boxes are packed, everyone has eaten and eaten a second time as well...and it will be calm until Easter - or my birthday at least in March.

Ironically as simple as the choices this year were - it seemed to taste a lot better.

We don't really do a lot of hoopla around the house during Christmas since none of us here in AZ have children - our sister who does is all the way in Seattle. It would be great if she was here - and I really haven't put up a tree probably since 2001...and I've never really liked having a tree in the house (don't even get me started on that bowing to the tree business) - but things are increasingly tough and I'm just grateful to be thankful in the simplicity we've achieved.

It is amazing how your frame of mind can change the perceived notions of want and need and thanks. In these times of over consumption and over inflation and pay cuts I have clarity on what are wants and what are needs. It is something everyone should think about - not just at Christmas time.

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  1. WORD. Looks delicious as always. Miss your face and your fambam! We ended up with an invite to a family lunch at a friend's house. Much better than cooking for 2!