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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

on "self-importance" & and nouveau prepping

Let me preface this blog with a few things:

1) Mr. Man and I started reading up on a lot of things around Thanksgiving 2010 because the status of America and the world were weighing on our mind.
2) I pretty much figured out that there is a reason that we have only gotten a cold ONCE in 3 YEARS and we adamantly refuse vaccinations. We are also in good health as determined by thorough checkups, including blood stool and hormones -- yet why are a lot of our friends having issues with their kidneys, livers, respiratory, allergies or even developing diabetes.
3) The economy is not getting better and I don't care what they tell me I can see it myself.
4) The amount of homeless people in this country really disturbs me.
5) 800 Million people with food insecurity vs 1 Billion obese disturbs me even more.
6) Why don't people really read anything much less what is around them.
7) We always felt like the last few years put us on edge and we couldn't identify it.

Basically Mr. Man and I have become "preppers." Of course when we first started we didn't know that was what it was called. The two things that concerned me the most were hyperinflation and a police state. The other thing that hit me during my Thanksgiving shopping is how BOLD the manufacturers are in reducing the size of the product while tripling the price - it made me mad. I would find myself looking around at other people like why don't you look as surprised as I do. So right after Thanksgiving I started researching food storage, how to dehydrate, can, store etc. The day after Thanksgiving I started assembling a pretty goodlooking first aid kit, I don't have any IV bags or cpr masks or anything - but i've got enough to keep someone glued or keep them from dying from Pneumonia. That same week I also assembled our Emergency bag. The first week of December I found a crappy dehydrator for 20 bucks and got it - because even if it doesn't have a fan it's very arid here and as long as I rotate and turn everything comes out properly. I started figuring out what stores had what sales and how to balance our nutrition and the budget.

The reason I wanted to 'prep' is because I didn't like the feeling that I was helpless or could potentially be the victim of some morons decision. I prepared to feel that I had some control over a potentially negative situation. But you know what - once you start it's really hard to stop, because there is always some aspect to do. By Dec we had 2 weapons, and by January we had a 3rd. Mind you it is very hard to do this right now because we are on a limited budget - but if you tighten up you can manage. After about a month - I started thinking how much of this am I really supposed to put away? Well I read an article on called 100-1,000-10,000. Basically it indicates that you should have food-bullets-fuel-metal and when you are starting shoot for 100 lbs of food, 100 ammo, 100 gals of fuel and 100 pcs of precious metals. After that you shoot for 1,000 and after that go for 10,000. I figured out that 30 lbs of combined foods are what you need to feed 10 adults for a month. And I ran with it. As of today, we hit 775 lbs of combined food.

Preparing for emergency, natural disaster, foreign attack, martial law, hyperinflation or anything on your mind is no joke. It quickly becomes an addiction that is part of your daily life. Believe me when I tell you that you will not look at things the same. You will also not look at people the same. It's possible that you won't look at your family or mate the same. You will definitely not look at your neighbors the same - because that's part of 'prepping' is being aware of who is around you and who probably has no more than 3 days of food and a weapon (since this is AZ they will more than likely have a weapon and no food). You just stack and stack and stash and learn and learn some more, and read even more and keep going.

The first wall I hit was a bit of food molding because I set the dehydrated food by the rice cooker and then sealed it. That loss was 4lbs and a lesson learned, I think it's an acceptable loss for a learning curve. The second wall I hit was trying to talk to family about it - they just naysayed it and basically acted like i was running around with a foil hat and they call me 2012, or miss gloom and doom or said "what's this for again" - but that's a whole different blog. So after about 2 months in I was burnt out. I started looking around for chat rooms that dealt with prepping or being a new prepper. The first few were focused more on weapons, tactical and protection.

Then I found one on the preppers network.

Above all else I find people in the prepping culture to be the most helpful people I've ever met, and I find that 99% of them are extremely encouraging and helpful. A lot of them have been doing this for decades and it is simply a way of life. Some of them are homesteaders who are working towards a self sustaining lifestyle. Some of them have had changes in their career or income and are adopting it as 'insurance.' I also like how there are people from different backgrounds, age groups, skillsets and even living situations. Almost everyone is very encouraging and positive but some are arrogant in their "prepper seniority..."

You know I normally have a really thick skin, but yesterday was a really long day, lots of homework, lots of lectures, lots of work...and I logged onto the chat to say HI...and someone said oh I'm new at this I have no idea where to start..and one of the prepping Gurus said, well chef is new and she's off to a great start so keep it up" Then the talk moved to urban gardens, flax seed, food storage and other stuff...and someone logged in and this other chick said "oh you know this room is all about self promotion and full of those with self importance." I have a feeling that bullshit was directed towards me. hahaha - then come say it Bitch - come say some shit - but you won't. Ironically, she is one of the most uppity chatters and often responds to people in a short condescending manner with a short unclear answer. I also like how she was quick to criticize my choice of weapons but not suggest any. I've never owned a weapon and chose what was comfortable...better that my house have something better than a paring knife for home protection. Oh and if you are "so busy" with your fucking show horses and being spoiled and some such shit - why are you online?

Ain't that some shit.
I don't like that shit.

Online Gangster Bitches suck. LOL -- I think it irritated me coz I prefer when people just tell me that shit straight on. But that's typical - of people who perpetrate on any level for whatever thing. Keep being an asshole, coz eventually no one will rob you for what you have, they will just shoot you for being an annoying asshole.

I don't tell people what we have done so far to show off, or show out or be prideful - I do it when new people ask me so they know that you can do it. You can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. I remember that first feeling of not knowing what to do or feeling like I wasn't really accomplishing anything but as you proceed you just learn to incorporate preparation into your daily routine.


  1. I was going to comment on one of your posts up there^^^ but became engrossed and just kept reading. I'm glad I did!
    I wondered what happened to you in the chat room. I guess now I know. I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. I'm even pretty sure (although I don't recall being there) who it might have been. This person has a talent at wanting to be "one up" on most everyone. I suppose some people are just not happy unless they feel as though they are. I would hope that you are not put off so badly that you won't come on back over to the "prepper" side ;)
    Either way, I miss your chat and and am reading your blog ANYWAY!!! lol

  2. lol...I'll be back - I just had to take a break from it. Being the new kid on the block I prefer not to disrespect anyone there and cause static. You and Mushroom and Norm have taught me plenty of stuff - but I still need to bleed your brains coz I'm going to start canning meat and I don't wanna blow up my house!

  3. You should also check out the MrsSurvival forums. It's prepping from a (mostly) woman's perspective. Lots of knowledgeable people on there.