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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where Da Cookies At...Auntie Cheffy...

We had my sister in laws sorority sister stay with us for awhile.  She received a promotion and a transfer here from Chicago and we felt it would be nice to let someone stay in our house rather than a hotel.  She was able to situate herself in a couple weeks. She has a little 13 month old daughter who comes to visit us about once a week.

Mr. Man is teaching her all kinds of funny faces and songs...and it's super fun having her around.  She is genuinely a good-natured and happy baby and super smart because she responds to multiple instructions.

 I always bake cookies for her when she comes over and I make them mini size so they fit her small hands.  Well last Sunday we had a bbq for family and friends - and I had just put in the 3rd batch of cookies when I heard her talking and banging on something.  I was busy preparing potato salad, wilted spinach salad, grilled veggies and breadsticks.  I finally turned around to look at her!

She was talkin to the STOVE! haha.  Don't worry it's heat safe front and sides.  She was pointing at the cookies talking to me in her baby talk. 
She did not leave that stove.  Until I said go play with the doggie (who she thinks is named hotdog).  At 13 months she can now handle her spoon and feed herself and seems to think she's ready for chopsticks. haha.

It's fun having her around.  Even though her grandma reprimanded me for spoiling her. HA!  This is why we also prep - not just for the family we have - but the people we've invited into our circle.

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