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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Biggest Dollar Savings Yet!

 Thanks to an increase in couponers...i have been able to get rainchecks.  Due to the rainchecks I am able to do huge preorders of expensive items.

I honestly don't know what i'm going to do with all these razors...we will see.

I do not want to donate them because they are so high value - I may just keep them and distribute to family since they do not "expire.
I saved over one thousand dollars.

I have to admit this was one of my biggest purchases.  I normally don't make purchases this big because it requires manager approval and sometimes managers have a change of heart when the savings is too high.

Fortunately I did not have that problem.

 The next day I went back for a second haul - because i figured out that you could use a mens gillette coupon on a female gillette razor.

The stock manager is so awesome - we are on a first name basis and have each others numbers - haha.  She told me that the distribution center sent her too many razors and I could get more if I wanted.

Bet your keisters I went back for more.
If I hadn't of gotten the toothbrushes at 50 cents each I would have paid about $1.50.  But I always buy stuff on top of my savings because - the store should always make money.

Even when there's a lot of overages - I just grab candybars near the register and give them to the cashiers and baggers.  Also when it's "freebie" day I tell my cashiers and baggers to pick what they want and take them as a tip.

That's why when I get home my bags are lighter by a few items because I make sure to share.


  1. You are doing an awesome job and very proud of you. I have a hard time with coupons because a lot of the items we do not eat or use. Not that I can not give them away, but I need to do storage first like you did and our diet is limited, I will keep looking for other products, but in the food category, I may just have to stick with going to a food storage bank for staples. Keep up the great work lady! Hope we can talk soon!

    1. I'm shopping for 7 houses right now. so if you see items such as soda, or boxed cake and such it's because it's a requested item - or it's a trade item for roasted whole bean coffee. I have 30lbs of premium coffee in my storage due to trade. Some items I get because they make me money and I can use it on other things that do not have coupons. It's like a game of tetris with merchandise, coupons and overages. Hopefully we do talk soon.