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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lasik Update: 17 months later

I totally forgot to post the results of my lasik surgery - 1 year after.  I had my one year exam a few months ago and I told the doctor that my vision seemed a bit off and maybe it should be better.  I was quick to say this because I have a warranty on my eyes.  The warranty means that as long as I go to them for my annual exams (about $100) they will cover any adjustments needed to my vision.

I will say this - for some reason my night vision sharpened a lot more quickly than my day vision.  The doctor also said my eyes healed really well, very clear and you could barely tell any surgery had been done.  THEN..he laughed.  He told me my eyes were actually 20/20 when using one eye at a time but when viewing with both eyes I see 20/15- he told me they would probably be better than that if I stopped taking my OTC allergy meds that dry my eyes out. hahaha.

Lasik is my BEST PREP EVER.

That was always one of my concerns not being able to see in an emergency.  My contact kit, extra solution, extra boxes of contacts, 2 pairs of glasses - one of them light sensitive because it's very sunny here - all these things were always ready to go.  Some years my eyes were better and some years they were worse.  Weapon accuracy changes for me when I use glasses versus contacts.  I also didn't like it if I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't see.  Lasik reduced the potential for disaster.

I paid 2600 vs the original quote of 4800.  I paid it off in 11 months even though there was no need to hurry and pay it because I had 2 years 0% interest and I only put 1K down.  Versus the price of what I would pay for 8 boxes of contacts, 2 pairs of glasses plus the high cost of contact solution - I would say I'm ahead.

Plus it really puts my mind at ease that even if I didn't have my glasses or anything no one would have to drag me around in the dark like Stevie Wonder.  My eyes were -3.25/-3.5 definitely no driving or walking around or hiking in dark situations.  Way safer to crouch quietly in the dark than feel around for glasses and knock them over. I have not one regret at all in getting this surgery plus the staff is fantastic and cheerful.

Just sayin.

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