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Monday, December 6, 2004

06 Dec 2004: Entry 143

How befitting is this...that once allowed to pick any holiday at all I would pick valentines and ahhh ohhh don't blame a girl who's heart bleeds chocolate. bwaaa hahaha

bogey and bacall

I named it thus because it is a miniature chocolate torte topped with fresh berries and the most exquisite smattering of powdered sugar - bittersweet but a perfect pair. Clearly this was chefs favourite. Yes that's a love cookie don't hate. haha

heart puffs filled with diplomat cream. Diplomat cream is awesome, I love it - it's airy and friendly to the palate it doesn't lollagag around your throat the way pastry cream does. Most people like pastry cream better coz it's more rich - more custard...I like the hint of custard more than anything else. So yah this is a heart on a heart with cream and then a slivered berry on it. It's leaning towards sickeningly kyoote - but I like the flavour of this.

towering hearts filled with cream

This job is my favourite - staggered heart cut outs from puff pastry...crunch yet the center is filled with a light diplomat cream that you can dip the hearts in. yet on the side I put a chocolate touch...2 bebe hearts bleeding with chocolate...chef said this was heavy - but this was the crowd pleaser - especially topped with that 10 inch piece of sugar i made. A lot of folks who saw this little tower really dug a real restaurant setting I would probably make it 3 high with 1 bleeding heart, but for school i maxed it.

N.... loved eating this monster, he's like oh bae this is yum *insert nodding and grinning and chewing and digging in pastry box for more!!!*...he gave me the most sincere look and said you haven't failed me yet and I know you never will. LMFAO...

Apple Towers

This is just a basic piece to show off macadamia nuts dipped in caramel. I made a phyllo apple/pear streudel cut it bias on a few pieces and then set them up like towers - positioned 3 macadamias with sugar strands. and then placed creme anglaise and a streudel white wine sauce i made. After removing the apple and pear from the sauce - i added about 8 oz of white wine to the sauce and reduced it. Once it reduced I threw in a handful of sugar and stirred until it was plating consistency. That was the yummiest part of this dish. Phyllo streudel just reminds me of lumpia on steroids. hahaha. N..... ate this thing like he hadn't eaten in days - well he had been at the club and don't get me started on the chocolate pockets I made. Hhahaha he ate those like an ethiopian in the back of a red cross truck. bwaaa hahaha.

I have one last set of plate photos coming and then i'm onto making candy and wedding cakes. All that jazz and all that good stuff. bwaaa hahaha - money makers that's what they are about. only 6 more school weeks and then I am done and stuff. I'm sniffing around for externships. Imagine that. It's gone by so quick - I only wish that I could take some more bread classes. It seemed that segment went by hella quick and Chef G hella made me hate bread...I also have sugar pulling and chocolate design left. exciting but nerve wracking...bleh.

Meanwhile I lucked out and I'm surrounded by some real true type friends and a fella that loves me like baNOODLES...can life be any better...blessings rain on us despite our challenges yanno!!!

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