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Thursday, October 28, 2004

28 Nov 2004: Plating not Hating

I am now in Baking 211. Plating and Design Principles

Mad about Mango: Mango Flan with a creme anglaise and a Mango Sauce with Green Tea Infusion. I made some caramel pieces and for crunch I made a whiskey sesame tuile. Chef didn't really dig it coz I let the flan steam a bit long but overall it's a creamy job.

Chocolate Torte.

Fabulous and Flourless...only a real chocolate junkie could have love for this piece. I love keeping things monochrome it always seems to bring out the best in my work. Chef has alluded that I will be able to make trademark and seductive desserts. Nice

IT always seems when I love the design she hates it - so I feign ambivalence about all of my work. I've also stopped drawing plate designs coz in the past when I've designed plates on paper - they have shown up on other peoples plates - there is no integrity so I'm only freestyling...

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