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Friday, October 15, 2004

15 Oct 2004: Sweet Show

biscuit sponge for mousse cakes


encased then unsheathed...

charlotte royale bombe

charlotte russe

Those are the projects from this week. I'm tired as fuck of mousse
But everybody loves mousse. It's good to be and Jena are evil and we don't like people...tough shit if they don't like us they can kiss our big round asses...Class is getting more and more fun with every module. I look @ those green horns in basic baking and I can't believe I was one of them not 15 weeks ago. Imagine that.

I am so excited. Jenatick helped me pull the house together and we got in fucking kick ass mode last night and were battling like 2 kids for an EZ-bake oven for the laptop and when one is on the laptop the other is on the celly. bwaaaa hahhahaa. Imagine that. She's family, little fuqqa
Final today - I think it's kind of moot to make us do it over and over coz then it gets to that point that it's overdone. But fuck it I'll get through it and come home and be happy ---

My favourite normality is going to resume. He is with Monsieur Epademik l'Emcee Esquire...Have i mentioned I love those guys - they crack me up...I'll write about Epademik est engenue...
Bye bye time to study

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