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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

This is how we do it.

That right there is a clafouti. It is a pate sucre tart (akin to a dull sugar cookie crust) then filled with a few berries then covered with a beurre noisette (browned butter) batter. It's really just a dressed up madeleine with some fruit inside. The side is creme anglaise with some chocolate and whiskey drops. That is how I chose to do my design, considering the sauces had little to no time to set - I had to fatten it up a bit, but I did what I could...I really enjoyed watching Snatch 1 and Snatch 2 struggling. Just working and working and overworking their bullshit.

Well you know what you trifling hoes - nothing will ever change the fact that the only taste you have is in ur got Damn mouths. If it isn't obvious - know this. I am FED the flambee up. First of all, why are they so lazy and hold up the class and when it's clean up time they take their slothy asses straight to catering, however...when it's time to switch up kitchen managing duties --- they don't do jack shit, they just sit on their asses while everyone does work. This is the thing - J--- and I are always about an hour ahead of everyone so we manage all the sous chef duties and the chef demo areas so that we are ahead for the night. Also, J & I pretty much float at the top of the class - so it can't be said that we are laggers despite the extra load...well first of all, we don't get ahead so we have to pick up their slack. second of all, don't hate on us coz we are on top of our shit...third of all, you're pastries suck big hairy donkey balls coz you don't give a shit about your culinary integrity. Well that's all well and good you can suck all the nuts you want but not on my time.

Well tonight - we were a good 4 paces ahead of everyone and actually helping the rest of our slot with their fruit and splitting out our custard to make the work go quicker. So why is it that 11pm rolled around and there was half the work undone. So about 6 of us pulled it together and cleaned our half of the room, plus chefs, plus prepped the demo for tomorrow --- so how is it that the 3 of us who work the hardest end up with the shittiest kitchen jobs which are deck brushing and mopping. I said, haha oh it's like that huh --- okay. I told that feather sporting trick,"I feel you now. I said now you're gonna see me kick ALL my projects up another notch...keep up hag - coz now ur gonna be 90 minutes behind me instead of half an hour...good luck keeping up." She's like what? I said take your ass somewhere I have shit to do, coz I've been doin your job all night. Then her little sidekick came up to me and ah um ah...I'm like take that bullshit somewhere until you can speak in full sentences off the short bus, you made it to the bottom of my priority list.

The night passed and work went on. I laughed all the way to the parking garage and said y'all pastry pimps ain't seen shit. I said, you haven't seen the likes of Vindictive Grade Scheming until you see me. I'm gonna make those hoes sweat. I'mma handle this at the oven. I've been team playing for 15 weeks. I've bailed hella people out of shit. I've been bailed out of shit lilke 3 times. That's why we are a team - i don't wanna see people burned, or hurt or out of hand on 300 degree sugar - but when someone deals me the bullshit end of a tasklist - it's on like mario brothers after a fat spicy blunt. This is the other thing that is on my nerves - those 2 work the LEAST --- yet they complain the most, they do nothing but bitch and whine and woo woo woo...well the last time I looked their baby motel asses were 10 years younger than me - so they should move with more spring in they asses. **rolls eyes** They can't even claim divastatic - coz their products aren't that good, in taste or appearance.

Frankly it's pretty obvious that they are just milking whatever scholarships to avoid the real world - I mean buddha forbid someone actually eat their shit. Oh and that inbred looking beeyotch T----, she swears up and down to all the gods and demons that DESIGN is her forte. That she loves to design and blah blah this and blah blah that. Well if she loves to design then she should stop stealing OTHER PEOPLES SHIT...i have yet to see ONE fuckin original idea come out of her head. I don't know what flavor crack she ate the day she registered...but uh, someone should have let her know that before you even get to touch the sugar and chocolat and plate dressings - you gotta be the pastry cream slave or the tart concubine. No one's ass is dipped in caramel that you are gonna get rock star status from the get go. I have YET to see that trick pipe on clean chocolate line, or even slice fruit with a clean knife. And don't even get me started on that fruit stealing shit eater...

J----- can kiss my brown ass all the way to her Navajo tribe.
So having said all's game on. I'm upping the standard in design, production and taste. I'll hit you where it hurts. I'll hit you in a spot where you can't reach me. We've been pacing ourselves just a touch ahead so we can grab coffees @ that kiosk or tug on a square - but those days are done. It's Saucy Time...Let it be known that when all this smoke clears - that no one did it to them but themselves.

So we made some bread pudding...ours is chocolate pecan

Again we made flan aka creme caramel.

I love the scent of creme caramel, it just smells so damn good to me. As you can tell by the photo ours was sampled quite a bit. Chef called our joint "exquisite" I split the take with Jena and brought it home to my bro - and all he said was WORD!!! Funny Roe is saying more and more hip hop shit lately. I'm glad his assclown friend left this house - racist fucka - more on that later.
Either you have taste, or you do not. I am not an elitist by any means but when it comes to seductions of the eye and seductions of the mouth there is a fine line between overdone and done. If I have to dole out ONE more fucking ass whipping - I'm going to start charging admission and shit. On the flip side, Keezie makes the most fabulous roses fashioned out of strawberries. He taught me how today but i haven't tried it yet...but they are beyond pretty AND edible.

I lost my temper today and got LIVID, even before school started and anger is as bitter as my love is sweet. I am very much about the preservation of respect and when I get torqued about something I speak on it. I will no longer hold onto bullshit and let things get rancid inside of my heart. I was impolite in hanging up twice and apologized very shortly after...manners are what separate us from animals and I should have let the man speak. As quickly as my fury came it went. Funny I could feel panic in my soul but it wasn't mine. I've faced that demon called solitude and I'm not scared of that muthuhfucka - I know him like I know my right hand.

Trouble was in the air tonight. So many people were hella perved everywhere I looked. I'm glad the day is done. And I came out unscathed, my heart is whole, my spirit is swole, my love is bound, my pastry pimpin is sound, my path is in front of me and it's dope that it wraps around a lot of people i really like and respect, most of all i have hella people I can trust...

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