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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

05 Oct 2004: Deadly Breadly

What's this look like?

How bout this We made 8 loaves of bread, endless creme caramel (leche flan suckas), and 2 flavors of creme brulee...That all makes me want to lose my mind. Class is much more cohesive now and we've lost another 3 from the last 6 wk sessions...At this point in the game either you get it or you don't. I've pretty much just made my choice - my choice is to stay neck in neck with Jenatick and Keezie. I'm not here to fail or lag or be sympathetically failing. I found this on the loading dock Bwaaaaaa hahhahahhah Anyone who thinks that the Pastry and Patisserie program does not involve hustle is damn deluded. We take our little pleasures where we can whether that be a smoke break together laughing or me singing my stupid ass Ditty's and one we made some buns in the kitchen all day and all of the night ..two and two we made brulee too in the kitchen all day and all of the night ..three and three it's caramel to me in the kitchen all day and all of the night...

I have to admit now that class is bumping up a notch I'm not so tolerant as I was. For those of us who know the hustle and have timing down - it's a major pain in the ass to watch the unmotivated flail or whine or complain. Shit more than half those girls are 5-10 yrs younger than me, so why the fizuck are they dragging ass. I mean seriously is it so hard to pick up your feet and act like you have something to do. I sure as shit hope they don't fuck like they work coz that's some dead style business. It's time for a change I'm telling all the hotshots we're gonna drop it into overdrive and reset the pace. It's already changing those in the back have come to the front with the rest of us. The class is weeding down bit by bit and I can't complain coz those I'm close to keep me at pace and competitive...

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  1. ahh... the good ol' days.... taking a cruise down memory lane reading your old posts :)