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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

12 Oct 2004: sigh...Practical Exams

i got an A today...even though my chantilly fell 3 times...fortunately for me - including extra credit - I managed an A...94.333. The Gateau Honore...I think we overdid it. Chef Chesnay the french homme homie will be demonstrating the Charlotte Russe et Charlotte Royal. Tot tarde ici...i should go to bed and just dream au amour --- My eyes are fried...I've been working and reworking a painting that I have to send to calie within 2 days. It's driving me insane coz I want it to have a certain vibe and it's for one of the bebe dirty yoga queenz so it's gotta look right. I'm gonna call it a night and just knock out...I will post pics of it tomorrow - for now my eyes need to rest. I have to be a superstar in class, and then I have my personal projects. It seems like I have so many errands to do tomorrow on top of the regular stuff - mebbe one of my chef girls will drive instead of me and I can just close my eyes while the infernal sun fries my head. BLEH. I'm so lucky I can just be myself and I don't have to run around the house and do whatever...I don't have to impress him, he likes me how I am yanno... so tired now...eyes fried... night night

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