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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

12 Apr 2005: Bwaa hahhaha

it's great to see old friends

and have a shot to make flash midnight suppers

discuss music and creativity

and just laugh too damn much

Gelatos of choice...

Konradio:2 scoop cookies and cream 1 scoop chocolate

Epademik: 2 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop caramel

n....: 3 scoops mixed or whole snickers ny cheesecake

it's amazing to watch konradio work - he's like the iron chef of beats - in less than 30 minutes he's got the damn dish for the anti bling heroes - it's all fun. A spirit of youth follows us all and it's apparent in the company we keep. It's endless energy and much smiles...

More writing tomorrow from the cafe...

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