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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

09 Aug 2005: Flash Update


i'm promoted i guess...i'm manager one night a week of the shop which is hella weird coz i'm the pastry chef so my time is best spent keeping an eye on cakes and chocolate and such. i will have to hire someone in the fall coz i want to continue making chocolate pieces...and sugar pieces etcetera. so the kids (gelateria staff) are all tickled coz i'm a manager, although little alexis said yarrrrrgh ur a manager, i'm scared...i said why alexis i like you i don't even pay attention to you coz you handle your shit...she said well you work harder than hard so we all have to keep up with you. i told her just relax kiddo, no one is as hard on you as you are on urself...**laughs** everything is going smoothly and the cakes are selling like well --- hotcakes. People are even buying full size cakes and eating them in the lounge. This one dude even bought a gelato sculpture i made for like 14 bucks and ate it alone. bwaa hahaha.

We have regulars and groups and couples. I find the older couples most endearing. They order a scoop or two and lounge under the misters and talk to each other as if they are still young and dating when in all truth they've been married for a few decades. The kids are a happy bunch of brats who don't really need jobs as their rims are prolly worth more than my car but the key is they have fun. There is some racial tension in the spot, but I try to diffuse it and tell the ones with gripes to open their mouths and tell people when they swerve over lines because I think it's unfair to be angry with others when they are unaware of their oblivion. I've had to remind the girls that others aren't psychic -- so tell them what's up so we can all communicate, we don't have to be in love with each other but we are responsible for communicating feelings and concerns...and if nobody can get along come get my brown ass and i'll facilitate. shit.

Mei is the dopest person ever. She owns the joint and still has the strongest work ethic of us all. Things always get done and she always expresses appreciation everytime whether it's big or small. And every weekend without fail even after a 12 hour day she brings food for all the staff and stocks the walk in with pizza and microwaveables so everyone can eat. When we are slammed she jumps right in and works side by side with all of us. She's rather glamourous you know. Even for a woman of 51 she has backlength hair and is a size 1 at most...she's always manicured and pedicured...but still I always yell Ciao Mama when she walks really tickles her. I know she'll bonus all of us out who are loyal to the joint -- I told her it's only a matter of time until we go national...she said i hope so, i really hope so.

I love working for a mom and pop joint...I have so much freedom creatively and as for resources --- if I want anything, it's purchased without question. Very few Pastry Chef's get this treatment on their first gig I'm glad I made the decision to stay instead of becoming a bread monkey or taking a bit more money for less fuckin freedom.

kewl entrepreneurship...

Rocco is so dope, I love his chill attitude and I think everyone gives him too much shit. He's a total money and customer magnet --- I dunno what it is about him but whenever he's in the shop it just rains money and if he wants to chill in the back and let people self manage I have no qualms with that shit. I'm so happy for him - he's going to open an Ed Hardy (yes Don Ed Hardy the tattoo revolutionist) shop...It's going to be quite the event and hell yes i'm makin' the cake complete with koi and all...I told him he'll have to let me work 1 shift a week just to get a discount - coz the hats are 77 bucks and the jeans are near 200 bucks. haha.

As we grow - i hope it doesn't change - I like the mom and pop feel of how we all work together even though the outer shop looks like it's franchised...all i know is i'm invited...this is all gonna payoff, i just know it.

Funny haha today...

I stopped to get cigs @ the Shell place. the only place to go is the one near the Biltmore. I got out of work around midnight and grabbed a starbucks con panna in a can and a pack of squares. Dude was being polite I guess,

Shell Dude: Hello

Me: Hiya *yawning*

Shell Dude: Long night...

Me: Yah, I'm the pastry chef and the G...S...

Shell Dude: Ah...that's cool, you manage too?

Me: Yah, I guess I just do stuff huh

Shell Dude: That place is popular...

Me: Yah, you should come by it's yummy. Gelato is great man

Shell Dude: Really?

Me: Yah, for reals and all the kyoote girls hang out there

Shell Dude: LOL, you like girls???

Me: no i'm just not a hater...and lots of girls means more customers...

Shell Dude: well, you're a kyoote girl urself

Me: Aw Lawd, Thanks...

...pan to me bailing outside into my car...yipes - a stranger called me kyoote...weird. After working all day, i'm not feeling so kyoote. I had chocolate smeared all over my shirt and my eyeliner was all rubbed out and I had bedhead at BEST...but i'm happy and maybe it shows.

I wanna go to the museum tomorrow and see the American Surrealism exhibit. We've just moved into a bigger house and I feel overwhelmed, coz I'm the only one who is organized. So I should really start breakin' down the unpacking even though I packed all that shit practically by myself and my brother and boyfriend loaded and unloaded it. Everyone else on the planet likes to take naps - bleh. I'll nap when I'm dead.

Okay enough Rambles. I need to keep takin' pics of my work. Katie (my best chef friend in the world ever) said that every time she sees my cakes they look more and more beautiful - how sweet is that!!!


Favourite magazine Still: Giant Robot

Favourite Lotion: Cetaphil

Favourite Toothpaste: Mentadent

Favourite Popcorn: Pop Secret Homestyle

Favourite Drink: Diet Rock Star

Favourite Gelato: NY Cheesecake - my recipe

Favourite Occurence: me ordering an iced matcha nishi tea and alexis labelling my cup "best person EVER" bwaa hahaha

Favourite TV shit: Whenever we watch TV, my boyfriend says I love watching tv or movies with you, coz you always say i been there I seen that...well the other night it was a travel show on BBQ...and it flashed to this joint called Rudy's right outside of San Antonio...they got voted best Brisket...and I said bwaa hahahha you fartknockers - guess who's eaten there...and they looked at me and said YOUUUUUUUU...


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