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Friday, August 12, 2005

12 Aug 2005: Mom Sed There's a Ghost

So it's like 11pm last night and n.... says let's go to WallyMart and get a damn anime. I sed okay I need contact solution. So mom's chillin and I say mommy we're going to the store, she sed okay bye bye...

Uneventful Drive, we're there. Grab Video and Bausch and Lomb crap and 2 diet rockstars. Uneventful Drive, we're Home...

Mom is on the sofa saying she's still damn full from the chicken enchiladas and spanish rice I made and that she heard tapping on the window and she thinks there's a ghost in the house. Then she said she heard a cat and pointed at the floor and said it sounded like it was there. I start laughing, and go oh c'mon mom the house is like 3 weeks old. We haven't financed any fucking ghosts. She said,"i'm telling you i got scared and woke up your sister..."

So I think about it and I'm like whatever doing my like 15th load of ginormous enormous gigantor laundry...and i hear a knock knock knock...creaaaaak. And I look down and the laptop is in the middle of the floor. Hahahahhaaha

Mom had heard the damn instant messenger people loggin' on and off.

So she got up to get a diet pepsi and I told her

it's not a ghost mother -- it's stupide aol...

Mom be chattin with the spirits and stuff

bwaaa hahaha

fuckity fartknocker


ps) my grandmother knocked over my italian painting easel that holds up to 8ft in canvas. kill me.

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