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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

16 Aug 2005: Creative Exhaustion

The more beautiful I make the cakes, the more they are admired, the more they sell. Oh how the staff laugh when the customers ask...are those plastic??? are those cakes fake and for display only...Hahahhaa no dummy cakes yanno. I really started making them uber byootiful so no one could imitate what I do, I also started making my own hand cut tips so that the pastry bags are almost too difficult to handle...

Thankfully...I have escaped scathing criticism.

Vincenzo is in from Italy...he is the consultant for the dessert lounge. Albeit he had many criticisms for the way many things have been handled regarding the gelato...he only told me Molto Bella...very beautiful, regarding the cakes. Then today I hammered out 8 more cakes and he said - Molto Benne...How lucky I am - coz as dope as Vincenzo is, if I was fuckin up he would have told me so. He didn't even say ONE word when he saw that I adjusted all of his cake recipes...I was sweating when he was looking through the book, but he let me off easy. I even bamboozled him into a lesson on cutting kiwi into palm leaves - he's gonna show me on kewl.

I can't stand that beeyotch M-----, she needs to know her role. She'll never make a cake behind me again. Put money on that shit.

I have so much shit to do: Personal paintings, more writing, some organization stuff...and I haven't gone to the gym in a week and I feel like shit, and I still wanna test some recipes of my own. I also need a little mini vacation. Sigh. I wish I was going to Seattle with n.... next week coz I really need to get away.

ps) these old rich dudes need to stop hitting on me and take their saggy ass nuts somewhere with their spooky ass silicone injected dates

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