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Thursday, January 3, 2008

03 Jan 2008: Wedding Cake Break...

I've been taking a break from doing wedding cakes. A week before Christmas Bryan H the Sculptor called me to tell me that his Mom needed a cake last minute...So despite all my work stuff and outside food gigs and all that I squeezed it in - because I like Bryan coz he's a cool MoFo...Mind you the cake was to be finished, completed and set up ON New Years Day.

I did an easy tasting - Choco Marble cake with Choco Cherry Truffle and Italian Buttercream. Finding White and Red flowers after Christmas was quite the challenge - and I didn't find the paper whites and Amaryllis I made a substitution...Here is how it went down.

My best ChefGirl Katie baked it off and split it...and we both set it up. I envy her bakin' muscles for realz!

Split Cake...

Then you brush it with a Cherry Simple Syrup made with French Preserves and Sugar Water

Then you fill it with Milk Chocolate Cherry Ganache

Then you cover it in Italian Buttercream...and then Slather another few layers on...Bwaa hahahha...Buttercream is my FAVOURITE!

Then you stack it - cut the flowers - bow up the bouquet and hope your composition is acceptable enough.

A job well done. Then Katie and I were off to breakfast and we started the New Year with smiles on our faces and paper in our pocket.


I will add this. Katie and I will be accepting jobs/contracts for Wedding Cakes, Fantasy Cakes and Specialized cupcakes. However, if we don't like you we won't take the job. If we REALLY dislike you - I will triple the price.

That's all I have to say about THAT!

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