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Thursday, January 3, 2008

03 Jan 2008: Christmas Recap 2007

03 Jan 08 Thursday 7:10 PM

Everyone knows that Christmas is already bonkers for me since I have a lot of cake making and what not to do and I work all the way up to Christmas Eve.

While I was at work Julian picked up the veggies, cheese and other incidentals for dinner. Once we got home he futzed with his new VCast joint on his phone to load like 100 or so songs...It didn't work so he stayed on the phone with customer service while I checked over the good for Christmas Dinner.

So we pack up the car around 9ish and start heading north to the north Phoenix house. Don't you know...My car puttered out after i exited the freeway!

So we're sitting there and Julian is makin' a video of me bein' "MAD"...and laughin the whole time. I will try to put a video later...but everyone said how could I be mad with that smile on my face and Julian laughin' in the background.

Bwaa hahahaha. I like how he watched the video and cracked HIMSELF up!

Well...At least towin' is included with the car and I'm under warranty until 100,000 miles. The towtruck driver did NOT say - cool - i NEVER get to tow mini's...I said Not Cool Dude...He laughed...Look at his happy ass behind Madge!


Dude was cool - I gave him a 20 buck gift card I had for gelato for the shop and wished him a Merry Christmas!

So we get to the house and I start kind of prepping and booting up the laptops...and my brother says close your eyes - we're giving you your present now - I said - haha shutttttup. So I close my eyes...

He puts a bag in my hand (he's never giftwrapped ever...heh heh). I look at the bag and say oh cool - from Circle K! Bwaa hahahaha

Well - dayuuum - If it ain't the biggest IPOD ever! Well I think there's one bigger - but 80 Gigs is enough for like uh 15,000 songs or some shit.

Hey Julian - brown people need flash

I mean really

Then they gave me my other gifts...Some Harajuku joints...a 40 gig external drive for extra movies and music...Wendy gave me my bling bling Kitty choker and my berry container. wut...and lots of other stuff and non stuff...

Megan is my brother's friend.

At least that's what I'm told...

Max and Keyla are always in the mix...

We'll see...

Of course in the middle of all the craziness - Julian says,"Bebe...time for our Christmas Picture!!! Hahahaha. He once told me he's been accused of being distant and cold...but I've never seen it and I don't think I will...I'm a girl G...with a chef belt...Mom teases that he fell in love with my cooking...and he laughs when she says it...but says it was me - not the groceries!


We all went to bed fairly late...Rommel asked me to make Christmas lunch this year because they were going to Megan's for dinner...So we had luncheon. Here's the pics I did manage to get before I passed out!

10 pounds of Roast Beef

3 pounds of pork tenderloin

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Cornbread Stuffing - as usual

Green Beans with a White Sauce

Alfredo Baked Pasta with Zuchinni

Dessert was simply Cookies and Lemon Tart

That's Just How We do It...

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