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Sunday, June 22, 2008

22 Jun 2008: Treats and Truths...


I got myself a treat. The Betsey Johnsons in Green with the matching pants. Coz I deserve it and nice shoes just have a certain fit.


This morning Katie and I carpooled to work. She came a little early so I made chicken and sausage bomblettes with bellpepper and green onion and we had some of the coffee from my godmother's land. She was telling me that she was watching this 30 day show with dude from Supersize me and apparently now he puts people in situations for 30 days. One of them was an avid hunter being placed with some PETA folks.

So we are sitting there having breakfast and I hear Julians alarm and I walk in there and say Katie is here so don't walk around with your sausage out. Hahahha. He says Good Morning Girls and gets in the shower...

We continue our conversation:

Katie: So the animal chick says animals are more important than people. And the hunter dude asks,"so you would save the animal first" The chick says," Well, they are family wouldn't you?" Hunter dude says,"I would save your life first in front of an animals." Chick says,"But a pet is like family." Hunter dude says,"I would still save a human first." Chick shakes head.

Me: That's the funniest shit I've heard all week

Katie: Well, wouldn't you save a person first...

Me: Well...if I had to save my sisters dogs or my ex...I would save the dogs.

Katie: Bwaa hahahaa why?

Me: Because the dogs understand loyalty.

Katie: I guess if you have to choose between a maggot and a dog - the dog is higher on the food chain. Hahahahhha.

That's the truth.


More Truth.

If you tell all your friends that you are leaving your man/woman because they cheated on you. Then get in all your friends ears telling them that you are gonna start over and blah blah. Then a couple weeks later take them back. Expect NO sympathy from me because you just stopped being a victim, you are now a VOLUNTEER.


A little more truth

As much as I meditate and pray to have more sympathy/empathy for others I find that it is becoming impossible. If you are doing the same thing that you have been doing for the last 1/3/5/7 years and still cryin' about it - I'm just gonna play deaf on your ass and hopefully bite my tongue. Be warned - I may NOT be able to bite my tongue. If the same shit is happening to you over and over then YOU are the common denominator - work it out.

People are getting sideswiped left and right by my venomous tongue.

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