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Friday, July 4, 2008

04 Jul 2008: Rubbins, Grubbins & Lubbins

Rubbins,Grubbins & Lubbins...these are the three things you can enjoy in life.


Last week our brother took my sister and I for a 3 hour massage. Ahhh fabulous! I could do that every week with no problem. Seriously! The first girl was on the snotty side and even though her massage skills could be rated ebonically as "Aiight" she acted like she was hot shit. Hahaha. She gave me a deep tissue massage. The second masseuse was a man. A brother with strong hands who actually well past the 50 minutes and someone came in to tell him he was past his time - haha. (Julian later commented that he din't know if he like that type of shit - hella haha). He gave me a reflexology massage focusing on my shoulders, feet and hands. The third masseuse was also a man and gave me a hand, upper body and cranial massage. UH - Men massages are way better than women massages coz they got muscle. But that might be for those of us who like it a little stronger on the massage table. Needless to say I passed out twice and looked well rested.

However, I should not and am not complaining about a lack of massage in my life - because Julian always laughingly says to me,"Rubbins?" after a hard day. So I get a massage 4-6 times a week...

The Asian ladies have got the idea right to get facials and massages regularly - not only does it maintain your natural good looks but it also improves your demeanor which helps makes you "better looking..."

Hahahha I'm the winner.


After a 3 hour massage my sister Keyla then treated us to Bobby Q...My favourite Barbecue joint in town...St. Louis Style Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, and a double order of Brisket - UH Deliscious...I tell you I eat without shame when it's barbecue - there is no sexy around the barbecue sauce.

A few days later Julian and I both had the day off. After a phone interview we met my sister and some friends at MuShu Asian Bistro Downtown!

As always it's nice to catch up with the girls...

And there's always room for Walnut Shrimp and Honey Ginger Chicken

Even when it's 110 degrees outside - hahahhaa


After lunch downtown Julian and I went to catch Get Smart - I should have followed my instinct to watch Mongol at Camelback view but it's the company that counts. I must say my boyfriend is extraordinarily affectionate and hilarious - it's a strange combination but I can't help but crack up with some of the crazy shit he comes up with. So he's got jokes and I've got jokes.

Lubbins in all it's forms...random calls and and a helping hand...someone to cheer you on when you are about to make radical changes...someone to encourage you when life is mundane but has little details to attend to...someone just to be near and dear but cool and easy...god love, family love, friend love, food love, art love, work love.

Love Expressed.

Love Unexpressed...but always felt.

Love Always.

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