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Saturday, July 5, 2008

05 Jul 2008: Once In Awhile...

Once in awhile my friends, family and/or boyfriend convince me that going out is a good idea...and once I'm there I quickly realize that being in a noisy, hot, thumping room is a nice spot to let your daily stress to fall off...

Last night we caught the fireworks and then headed to a spot that is co-owned by Julian's friend...Of course this was after I put in a good day's work, prepped the barbecue for today, tidied up the house, made dinner and then got ready - hahahha - so a full life is always filled.

Julian and Jereme went ahead...

Keyla and Xtina pulled up the rear with me and we fought traffic in the area surrounding Mill Ave because all the fireworks spectators were leaving.

Yeah you know we clown people present and not present

And even in hot humid crowded venues - he still makes me smile!

You know what happens when you are given 2 for 1's ALL night!

All I know is everyone in our party was gettin' steadily drunkey...

A few of Julians friends hung out...some strange man took off his shirt. Another dude took off his shirt to show off his tattoo's and I didn't have the heart to tell him that the lines were all shakey and bad. One girls boobs popped out of her tank only to reveal that she was not only wearing pasties but also wearing padded pasties and her tank hung sadly around her waist like a belt. Yet another girl was doing full thrust air humps off tempo on the dancefloor by herself. And this was just the start of the night.

Julian gave Chad a call and then he showed up with the usual posse including his girlfriend Mika & Duke Nuke'em. See Chad below giving his Mika the "sexy" dance - hahahhaa

Go ahead keep those beers comin'

Keyla and Mika

Me and Mika...Let me say this. I really enjoyed Mika' company because she has sass without snottiness. She has a natural grace without anything put on. It is a relief to be with a cool guy with cool friends coz it usually means they date cool chicks. I look forward to hanging out with her sometime. Let me also say this. Mika told on Julian: She told me that whenever I am not around he pops his phone open and says this is my girlfriend...she is a chef and she is wonderful and funny and a bit nuts and I love her and oh look at this other picture. Bwaa hahahaha. She told me that it was absolutely wonderful to see and that I have a good man on my heart! Awwww.

Slim on the scene again. Let me tell you I haven't seen this cat since Cinco de Mayo 2007 and first thing he says is,"When you two gettin MARRIED!!!" Hahahahha...I laughed and said ask Mr. Man. Kibby laughed and kissed my cheek and said,"I am working on getting her a ring that she deserves..." He paused and added with a laugh,"a BiiiiiG one man!" Slim laughed and said good good...I can't wait for the wedding."

Oh you two think you're funny HUH

And you two KNOW you are cute...when they are together they are smiling of course but when they are apart they cannot STOP talking about each other...This is the blessing of a proper fit!

And right when it got good - it was time to go home. Of course we were invited to stay for the afterparty but the boys had to be to work at 8 this morning.


Addendum: I just have to say that the boys makin' up a rap called "fart in your face" had to be the single most funny thing ever with Christina makin' that rap video girl face with a fart in your face motion!

Good times - good times!


We have just finished off all the korean barbecue (beef & pork), korean cucumber salad, roasted potato salad, roasted veggies, creole rice and louisiana prawns with crusty french bread & the sweetest corn on the cob ever.

Everyone is in the pool or around the pool drinkin' green apple spumante's and beer, some of the boys are taking a nap and I've already dropped off food to Julian's work because he will be working until 10pm.

I just pulled the chocolate cupcakes out of the stove and made coffee.'s been a great 48 hours.

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