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Saturday, July 12, 2008

12 Jul 2008: Voice of Affection and Vacation

On Voice of Affection...

I tell you it's only about 95 degrees but the past few weeks have been 105 degrees and up...It's been something else. Last Monday Julian and I decided to grab some lunch and games at Dave & Busters.

He had the Teriyaki Sirloin Steak and I had a Chicken Parmesan Caesar Salad. He drank a Long Island to my Plain Tea. Then we proceeded to beat House of the Dead IV (40 bucks later haha)...When we stepped out into the outdoor mall (Tempe Marketplace) looked like a tropical misty strange place.

(Yeah Grimey...even when he's not at a show he rocks your shirt!)


Really we just wanted to walk off our big lunch and sore trigger fingers.

But Kibby found a dope fitted hat:

and I found my favourite! HELLO a tank hoodie!


All these consecutive hot days plus long days of work and interviews and appointments have been a little taxing. We do have a house and social lives to maintain so it's been a real labor of love to get everything done. But we've done it and done it well.

The other day I got home and Julian was puttering around the house and about to take out the garbage and I said Hi Hunny! He said Hello...I know my Bebe loves me. I started laughin' and asked,"Where'd that come from?" He said because I know you do - because you don't just say it - you LIVE it."

That's good have acknowledgement that Love is not only a destiny or a blessing but also something living and thriving. It is something you must take care of and strengthen. It's little things like that that make the nonsense of day to day chores okay.


on Vacations...

We are going to Vegas with City Momma at the beginning of next month for Julian's cousins wedding! How exciting to see our City Momma again - it will be a weekend of enjoying the love and laughter and company of family.

We have pushed our one month vacation in December to February because the end of year is a real busy and profitable month for the both of us...So we will see 4 Asian countries around Valentines! uh Fabulous.

We must decide where to take a 4 day weekend out of the desert soon...We don't know where - but somewhere with great cafe's (for me) and great golf (for him)...I'll prolly just suggest a trip "home" to Calie...but in the fall My cousin Christian will be getting married so maybe we'll flip it into a double holiday!

I love vacation. The whole process...packing, going, travelling...listening to things you've never heard before, trying local cuisine and just moving your feet along the pavement to the rhythmn of people. It's the journey...always the journey.


Meanwhile...the cakes still get made.

The more I long for vacation the more whimsical these little jokers get!

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