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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

10 May 2006: DayTrippin to the Grand Canyon

The bad news is: Skywalk on the West Rim is not ready - so no walking on glass bridges regardless of price.

The good news is: today was a perfect day, bright light and cool breezes - at least enough to warrant a paper thin windbreaker while trolloping around.

We had fun. We left Phoenix at about 6am and got to the Canyon close to 930am. Neither of us went to bed until about 1am - so wakin' up at 530 to get ready and pack a cooler was a challenge! It's at like 7000 feet above sea level - and that thin air can make a chick woozie. It was Benjo and I, my godbrother deluxe. He mentioned that he wanted to go and last Saturday I said hey wanna take a daytrip on Tuesday or Wednesday and he's like yahhh sure - with a big grin and a sage nod.

So here's the South Gate where we entered...all rustic and shit. It costs 25 bones for a week pass. There is no day pass - so, if anyone wants this pass - it's good until next Tuesday - just let me know.

I must say I haven't seen the Canyon since I was like 13 years old. It's sheer size and textural age still struck me. I felt a wobble in my knees as I approached the lip and here's our first shots out there in the first vista

you know what's funny. They have only certain portions of the points and vistas with railings...but then they are these open areas where you can hang very close to the edge with lots of rubble and rocks about so if you're a bit clumsy sleepy or tired, you could damn well tumble to your death. Amidst the gently open areas - there are signs that say Danger - bwaa hahhaa

We're walkin' and walkin and I approach the edge

well lo' and behold - how about a little stencillin'

We have a lot of panoramic pics that I need to resize and just some general scenery pics that I will also resize - I will add those at another time. It was such a good day - too bad senorito mcRapper couldn't make it.

We hit Mather Point, Yavapai Point, Grand Canyon Village, Yaki Point, Grandview Point, Lipan Point and Desert View. On our next visit - I will for sure do the skywalk, and the 15.5 mile float down the river, and the caverns. That hiking shit ain't for me not at that altitude. I was surprised at how many people were there even though it was a weekday. I also will try to post my NINJA footage. It's a short video of me hiding in the trees and running around then jumping out with some kicks and poses.

German Ladies,"Vas is das"

Saucy Lady, "Das is Gut"

Bwaa hahahahhaha

I almost accidentally hiked down a 13.6 kilometer decline into the canyon - when the path kept goin i was like erm - hell no...But Benjo trucked it..brave brave man...I just sat there avoiding bugs that like my sweet shampoo - what else could i do. I'mma wave my finger like nu uhhhh'

We were in the Tusayan Museum...very small but interesting. I pointed at the blue corn and told Benjo - hey you should bring some of that back to Manila and plant that shit, coz Papa would trip at harvest time when you busted out some blue corn on the cob. He's like yaaaaah. We managed to find some red corn seed but no blue corn seed. It will have the same impact - but we're bummed we din't find the blue one. We also went to Tusayan Ruin. It's baffling to me that something people made from 800 years ago by HAND still leaves evidence of existence.

OH YAH ---and don't bother those snakes

Then we were out a few vistas after that...

Six hours of great conversation, lots of laughs, and lame drivers


we found time to take some campy ass pics

Bwaa hahahhaha

Yabba Dabba Doooo, I need a haircut too...

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