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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

31 May 2006: Bow to the BAO - foo'z

...the BAO situation...

Char siu Bao aka Steamed Buns aka Siopao aka Manapua

Rocky is our marketing director at work...he and I often enter conversations about food and dim sum and what not. So he told me you should try to make some kind of Pan Fusion Bao. My intention was to make brisquet filling. But today I just wanted to mess with the dough. So I picked up a strip of beef tenderloin (erm 40 bucks worth)...and I marinated it in some honey sesame teriyaki crap with korean red chili...The cooking part of it is simple 15 minutes of steaming no peek a boo cookin = then dry the lid and steam for another 7 minutes. I've never made Bao before...So some of the buns opened up but my sister said girl I would kill all 10 of those if you din't already make korean ribs. haha. I put the prettiest ones away for Rocky to try in the freezer but here's a pic of the 'rejects' everyone will eat with dinner tonight...

-reject bao-

My brothers friend is stayin' with us for a minute. He is, as Judi says, the most Filipino white boy I know. It doesn't even matter what I cook or my sister cooks - he's like what's it called - okay i'm down. It doesn't matter what kind of food it is, he kills it. His absolute favorite is Kare kare and he even rocked spicy bagoong with it. How you like that shit. Well, I told them last night - i'm making korean ribs and cucumber for dinner - so they all got on the treadmill tonight for an extra 30 minutes - haha. He's also never had Siopao, and I split one for him and my brother and he said shit i'm addicted now...shoooo-POW! I looooove it. Hahahha. All the food got killed tonight - I made about 10 lbs of flanken ribs and the usual, there was enough to pack lunches for tomorrow and the puppies are most happy with all the bones left...It's hilarious - even at the volume that I cook at any location - very rarely are there leftovers, and when there are they are quickly packed as a next day lunch. My lolo (grandfather) used to call them re-runs...but there's hardly ever reruns...I take that as a quality seal of approval - when all the food is killed...

on Rice...

Steamy mysterious peeking under the glass covered keep hot machine - AH. I love rice even though I'm not eating it lately. I love medium grain sticky rice like Kokuho or Calrose...When I can find it I like green sprout tipped Japanese short grain that is so fragrant and naturally sticky it doesn't need any help at all. With a Garlic and Sampaloc (tamarind) leaf stuffed Salmon I just adore Pandan infused Rice. Measure it by hand, don't measure it with a cup. Different grains require different movements of the hand - fuck it up enough times and you'll figure it out. When I used to eat rice on the daily - I even liked cold rice with a piece of salmon tucked inside of it like a rice ball and sprinkled with Wasabi powder...ah so sadly - those days are gone - when you're in your 30's you have to give up some things, and rice is one of them. Nevertheless, I love the scent of it when it's properly made.

I roasted the ribs in the oven, I was too lazy to heat coals in the pit. Besides, the oven was already hot from the Beef Tenderloin slow roast

See Ribs Below...

Oi - korean cucumber with kochujang and chili powder...So Yummy - I could eat a pound of these By Myself...see below

**burp** the end of dinner
My favourite things lately...
...garlic roasted peanuts
...mexican omellettes
...chartreuse toenail polish
....laughing visits from the kids at work new universal remote that looks like a cell phone new dvd player with DivX that plays burned movies
...goofy voicemails from my boyfriend that make me laugh
...Dr.Zokes calling me a GANGSTA chef in a drunken stupor
...sugar free tamarindo drink
...the new maurice sendak stamps with the wild things monsters
...russell stover sugar free chocolate peanuts Dubstar stickers
...kneading dough poisonous journal with all my poisonous thoughts
...brand new canvas waiting to be painted on
...all 12 of my new tees to go with my new pairs of jeans
...nana wedgie shoes for April's wedding
...long naps for no reason at all
...anticipating vacation
Bad Stuff...
...erm my new vanilla sparkle antiperspirant, WHAT WAS I THINKIN'
...running out of palmers cocoa butter, ashy ashy ashy extra toilet paper in the potty - damn you guys
...hang nails
...i'm out of echinacea
...south beach power bars make you fart for 4 hours
...the mini cooper s convertible takin' too long...
...anticipating vacation
I haven't brought the digi cam to work for a few weeks and I have yet to take pics of these edible chocolate plates I made for the dessert to sit on - but I'm doin the best I can as work lately is just work - not as much as it was and not as much as it could be. I trust that nature will right herself - because everything goes where it belongs and where it should be matter what you do, you belong somewhere or you don't...
...the cake is still payin' my bills
Tiramisu & Rocky Road
Here comes the Roche
and still more chocolate
Raspberry chocolate - very strange this one - I've been getting a lot of custom requests for these ones and in big sizes. Hey it's one of my favourite combinations too...but people rarely break from what they know.
And raspberry...even my best Chef Girl Katie loves Raspberry...
I miss Chef J from school...As much as a pain in the ass most of those girls were in my class - I still find myself missin' school. hahha.

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