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Friday, May 19, 2006

19 May 2006: Flashback for Teofilo

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It was in retort to such emotional midgetry...

Is this the one you mentioned?
07 Jul 2004 Wednesday

11:56 PM - Poetic Interlude from L'iL Story

Fuck I've lived here 5 times before
and i've meandered through the cruelties
I'm just trying to find a place in this hell
Turns out hell don't like me either...

I'm no goddess that will perpetrate
If I sit near zeus, it's as his pet
his plaything, his paperdoll
and with the wave of his hand
i flutter

I don't rip hearts I just take nibbles
I like payasos, they make me laugh
My first loves words
the second is paint...
you belittle what I do
you distrust my methods
but i'm here to tell you this

I will not propogate anger
I will not allow it to seep
into anything I love...
not a person
not a dish well made
not a piece of writing
not a splash of paint
I will keep my work pure
it will never be sold...
I will keep my heart pure
it will never be bought...

Your methods are your own
I respect the way you gig
Your passions burn hotter
I feel the lava oozing past my flesh
But the two will never agree
you call it robbery of self
i call it adherence to self
you call it short changed
i call it long lived
you call it my fear
i call it evolution past primality

You tell me to look in the mirror
It has never struck fear in me
I was born like this
I will die like this
Letting the process flow over me
instead of coercing it like so much
hard dick in a half ready pussy.
Do NOT misconstrue my movement
to back away as weakness, did you
forget that I am imprinted with the
delicadeza of my grandmothers and
when I see an argument will never
end or be won, i am gracious enough
to walk away...

Shame on you _______,
you know better
you knew better before
you'll know better tomorrow
I am not the kind of animal
that can be taunted and lured...
I am not a wicked beast
that will be affected by taunts
of "chicken" I have few fears
and even fewer attachments

i thought you knew
but i guess you should know.


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