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Friday, September 29, 2006

29 Sept 2006: You wouldn't know...but he's actually kinna beautiful

Long before my so-called boytard...I used to have battles. Poetic battles with a certain Somebody - I call him Somebody coz this mothuhfucka is. Our battles really are ancient - coz it's always his poetic soul pushing up against mine and it always has been. There are lines that are hard and lines that are blurry - but we still spar in a literary manner. He just posted this tonight...coz our lives are mirrored again...

28 Sep 06 Thursday

piece of mind

maybe this is
a fucked up way
to look at it
but when you came into this
holding back that
little piece
not willing to give 100%
of yourself
you are the one who is
i made my mistakes
i crossed boundaries
broke some ... deals
but i gave you 100% of
you had all i could give
and i was 100%
hurt by
i think you had that
little piece
of yourself tucked away
so long
that you forgot about it
now you look for it
in someone else
trying to find what is not even there
keep searching hunny
keep trying to find what you thought
you lost
i ain't even mad at you anymore
im so so sorry
but i feel

my retort:

and so...

we echo in parallel...

betwixt the moments

we ache and suffer and wonder

it's endless isn't it...the quest that

always seems to come full circle...

well i say it's time to flip a bitch

and leave this bullshit...


and this is the most touching thing he's ever written me...I got spooked and things changed: no one ever pushed back verbally when I shoved them poetically...

I've always kept it in deep places...


Bay Area Haiku

(well a kinna sorta Haiku)

yes, I know your name

IT echoes in the corners of my mind

i recall it in daydreams


Thank you Mr. Somebody...for that optimistic conviction in your restore my faith in men and have always delivered on every promise and every still understand loyalty and palabra de honor. When you told me you have love for me you have done nothing but deliver even overcoming your own ego and hot stopped me from doing regrettable things and encouraged me to go further. You were a better man then and you are the better man now...

You were my friend then.

You are my friend now.

You deserve these admissions...


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