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Sunday, October 1, 2006

01 Oct 2006: I made it home by curfew wanna see what's up.

i guess some of you might have read the previous blog or noticed my i went on a date tonight. I almost cancelled. I was out until about 430am and woke up about 9ish to run errands and get a massage and go shopping...By the time I got home I wasn't much in the mood to get pretty...On top of that I have to listen to my grown ass brother teasing me oh you gotta date with J------, bwaa hahahah he laughs all hearty and shit...he said go put some clean panties on Foo !!! "you gotta daaaaaaaate, you gottttta daaaaaaaaate..." Just ridiculous funny like when we were in high school. so i just went in black and white and poofy ponytail...Rockin' lipgloss like armor.

I was about 30 minutes late...he din't even trip...all he said was,"Oh there she is the girl i've been waiting for and laughed..."

Guy talks...girl nods. Girl talks...guy grins. Guy asks girl what she would like...girl says I can order for myself thanks anyhow. Appetizers. A beer or two. Main Course. more chitter - more chatter. He moves some stray hair away from my temple. He wants to sit closer and I neither stop nor encourage him. Tick tock tick tock. Hows your food? great - hows yours. He doesn't seem put off at all by my obvious aloofness. I warned him though - I'm straight off the battlefield - you don't wanna take a girl like me on a date. His shiny green eyes are so pretty. After the beer I relax a bit, after the meal i feel a bit sick. It's bill time and I don't give a fuck I reach for it. He laughs and swats my hand, you are so stubborn give me that...then it's off to some trendy cafe for a coffee and dessert. Yes to coffee - no to dessert.

Turns out we've travelled the same cities and same countries...

Turns out he's rather educated albeit boring

Turns out his humble pie ain't expired

He's feelin me he's there...

But I'm just not there...


The coffee joint closed at midnight and we walked to our cars. We lingered about 30 minutes more just yappin about I don't even know what - my face felt all numb and shit. He asks AGAIN...he wants a sequel. I told him maybe yes, maybe no - but definitely maybe...Call me at the end of the week and let me consider it.

See that shit right there would have made me leave if i was the guy. But he just nodded all cool and shit and was like I'll come by the shop - I'm like okay no problem...I mean shit that's where I met him - that's where he stalked me. bwaaa hahhaa...He's really an awesome guy - it's just bad timing and dating puts a yucky taste in my mouth

But FuQQiT - let's see how I feel on Friday...


so I said goodbye...and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and I let him...It was so touching to see his face turn boyish as he tried. So back on the Highway - I always feel like I'm movin. I took these pics while I was driving with the top down on the convertible on the way home.

I looked at them - I'm so jaded now...I don't like anything.

Hit it from the Back

Hit it from the Front

Hit it from the side...


...on Last Night...

there was way too much shit and activity going on and simply put - I know who cares and loves for me. You can't solicit or manipulate loyalty and affection. It was poured on me though and I was confident of whom my friends are and now I really KNOW...

I'm not going to quote anybody or put anyone on deck. As mr Somebody says --- some shit should remain between TWO people and I'll honor that shit...But thank you, thank you so so so much.

as for you motherfuckers that try to play 2 sides against the middle. I know who you are and you know what you did. Don't even try to play. As much as I loved any of you I can quickly despise you. You are already there. Don't cross my path, my hands now move of their own volition.



Where did all these hot guys and hot HOT Asian guys in Dope trucks come from and why are they at stoplights waving me down mouthing, " I love you" and when I say yah right with a handjob motion they laugh and say i DO girl...I'm like spare me foolio - then I laugh and make a phone motion to my head and say call me on Sunday Baby we'll do dimsum at which point all his homies laugh at him and say she got you dude...then the light turns green on perfect time and I peel off into the night.


Life just keeps movin...Europe calls, I'll have to answer soon.

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