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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

18 Oct 2006: Damn Lucky White Pants

I'm gonna go buy 3 more of these pants...white shirred semi capris that are flared a touch. Coz each time I wear's boy magnet. haha

...girl day..

washed car (not girly but Madge needed it)

french manicure

eyebrow wax

2 hour massage

haircut - reschedule, i missed her by 20 minutes damnnit

hot chicken empanadas from the bakery, so damn good

text battle with Laura Bess - we're on for Monday


i go home and get ready - it's phat e's birthday bash. and Ohm is gonna be there and I miss talkin' to him, he's just great. Stop at the shop and pick up the cake I made for Phat E...and peel over to the Stray Cat...Katie is already there and she's not hungry so she just has a drink and i kill a Barcelona Burger - hella appetite is back, at least when I am around Katie...which is a good sign.

Katie and I park in the smoke room and she said that dude is lookin' at you. I said who...she goes that dude. I said the one that looks like he can give good piggy back rides. She said yah....I said I miss havin THAT kind of boyfriend that gives you piggy back rides - and she was we're talkin' shop and life and our next vacations and drinkin' more...and dude next to Katie starts yappin...she mouths He's FIIIINE....I'm like duh - talk to him foolia.... The big dude isn't even pretending he's straight checkin' me out. and actually winks and I give him a mock horror lock. then the huge ass fool sits next to me and he's like so you know you're cute right...blah blah...asks the girl next to him she's gorgeous is she not...girl leans over a bit drunk - oh hell yes...yada yada...

dude: so what are you girls talkin' about

me: we're talkin shit

katie: yup, lots of it

dude: i could tell, bout who

me: you ain't involved so that's gossip, we're involved so it's talkin' shit

dude: oh c'mon

katie: haha (slams vodka)

dude: so what do you girls do...

more kinna trite conversations...

dude: so do you have a boyfriend, lookin' at me pointedly

me: nope i got chemo, i'm boyfriend free

dude: would you like to go out sometime...

me: there are terms and conditions - tell him katie

dude: huh

katie: if you make it past coffee you get to dinner and even if you get to dinner - she's bringing her own car...that's how it is...

dude: bwaa hahaha hearty laugh. uh NO. fuck coffee we're having a drink and conversation and your best friend is already makin' sure i'm okay. besides i'm not takin' you to burger king and shit...

me: i don't eat burger king burgers - they make me fart

katie: true


he's stubborn as shit and won't even let me light my own cigarrette. Bossy ain't your job it's mine - but you know what, the motherfucker has a spine.

next thing i know i have a date with him next Saturday....6"6' muscular friendly great eyes handsome...piggy back material. hahahhaha. Jeez. I can't believe that shit. Katie bailed then I bailed and he said i'll walk you to your car - i'm like erm - my car is in front of the door - i'm cool. he's like no i'll walk you out. and i'm walkin' and he grabbed my hand. i didn't mind and i didn't get mad.and i wasn't excited either - except my hand felt hella small in that paw of his...

If you want to see pics. They'll prolly be on soon.

Katie says yes...Zokes says no...

i'm just rollin' with it...

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