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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

25 Oct 2006: Cloud 9 and the Pillow that fits Nothing

I've been thinkin' about this for awhile. It's time. I'm going to get rid of my bed because I've simply had it too long...since grade school actuallly. Everyone has always loved this damn high rise bed. All my girls and nieces and friends have always made it a point to jump on it and drop on it. It's just referred to as Cloud 9 coz it's so high up.

The headboard is one carved piece of wood. It's an antique walnut piece - so I'm not going to get "rid" of it as in throw it in the garbage. I'm going to make it low rise and put it in the guest room.

Also, I'll be getting rid of this glass shelving. I have 2 full sets and 3 milk crates of tempered glass and corner pieces. It's retail shelving that is like 12 by 18 inches. It can hold super heavy amounts of shit and I've put it to the test for the last 5 years. If anyone is interested - I can give you the one piece which is 16 cubes IMMEDIATELY. They also come with black painted bases that keep the glass off the ground. But Alfie has dibs y'all. Alfie, if you have a hard on for this shelving - i'll drive it out to you next month...

I really love these shelves for the convenience and organization they allow me. But like everything else - I've outgrown them.


It's funny. I'm getting rid of all my bedding as well. It's funny I have this pillow that I've had for years. This pillow has probably seen more cities and planes than the average person will see in their lifetime. It's the pillow that fits nothing. It's all down no feathers and rolls into a lump, which is perfect for airplanes and trains coz you can always throw it in your weekender bag. Pricey as hell but machine washable. I've taken that thing all over Asia, Europe and the Netherlands and I've taken it all over the country domestically. I threw it in the trash today, because I want a new one as well - to start all my upcoming trips on an open eyed tip. I was a little hesitant at first - my hand paused for a LONG time over the garbage at the side of the house. I felt like the kid from Peanuts throwin' away his blankie. But I did it.

This is what I've chosen to replace my "baby" bed with.

I found it at Copenhagen last week. It's my front runner.

i really like the glass panel that lights up behind it with the geometric shelving on the sides. There is another set that kind of catches my eye coz it's more rounded and strange but they don't have it on the website - I might stop by the Copenhagen store later and take a pic of it. If I decide to take the long bureau that is like a buffet table then I will also have 2 tansu shelves to give away.


I will be giving this shit away and I will accept no money for it.

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