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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

17 Oct 2006: Tired...

i'm tired...i'm pooped

Friendly Phonecalls makin' me smile - aww check

LA - check

Tea house - check

hot men - double check

Late night laughter - check

Early morning fire alarms - check?

Suckin' down cigs beneath dewy trees together - check

KTown Starbucks - check

Dude quit staring and smiling - check

Hit that Highway - check

True Religion jeans with geisha and blossoms - check hella check

Avoid radar detector in Palm Springs - check

More men to deflect - check check check

Damn one way streets - check check

Bank, lunch, snack, gas - check

Drinks - check

More drinks - check

Casino - check

No I don't want to join you dude - check

Cash in Winnings - bwaa hahaha check

bar - check

5 hours ripped by oops. check

sonic - check

home - check

sleep - check


I made it home kids and the week is about to begin. It was total madness all weekend, and even though I'm spreadin' myself a bit thin - I think when you've got this much Sauce, it's okay to share it. hahaha..

And to think the week has just begun...

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