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Monday, October 9, 2006

09 Oct 2006: She's everything she said she was...

she's everything she said she was and more...


Another Girl Day...


Got up...talked to JT..about various things - he thinks certain things need to be served to me "proper" but that's a whole separate discussion...talked to April...Grab a diet Rockstar...Go get my haircut, she's runnin late - yap with April more, finish haircut...sliced diced and lookin' real nice. Go home - take a shower, get ready and I'm off to pick up Laura Bess...

Funny thing is...Laura started off bein friends with my ex. She even offered to let him crash at her place in Seattle if he din't have a spot to rest his head but he never took her up on it. Then she became my friend, and now she IS my friend. We've been literary electronic friends - and much to my happy chagrin - she is everything i thought she would be...

Gorgeous of course, but with some deadpan wit. Totally natural in her demeanor - we hugged and hit it off from the start. So I took her to the shop in the Biltmore District - she chose a roasted almond gelato and i grabbed up a 6 pack for chef J - coz I had an appointment to see her today. So we roll out and I'm pointing stuff out...tellin' her this is that and this is the overinflated value of the real estate here, jobs are good here, men are yucky here and not so yucky here...hahaha.

I bring Chef J - 6 gelato and cookies etcetera and talk to her about some structural problems i'm having with storage. We discussed solutions and I sent Katie's love and that we would see her next week for sure...I just adore Chef J...she did so much for us - not only training us in showpieces and chocolatier-ing, but also how to bear up emotionally to chefly stresses. I miss school and asked chef if I could come in and do some sugar pieces at the beginning of the year...she's like sure...awesome. I also told her I'd bring in a hefty gift card so she could treat her class to November when the 4th store is open...Chef's so proud of me...she never lost faith that I would make it happen. And I thanked her for all her lessons patisserrie and otherwise.

So by the time we leave the skybridge campus I'm starving and I'm like you hungry yet? She's like yah - i'm like yah me too. We'd already agreed on Korean - i go to the first place on mcdowell and scottsdale, that shit was closed - WUT!!! Ban Columbus Day. I'm like shit well Greek food then - and as we're driving to Tempe from Old Town Scottsdale it occurs to me that there is a Korean food joint on University before Broadway and there it is. I can't believe we're eating dinner at 430 haha but neither of us had eaten...We order the fried man doo, bul go gi...and i get kimchi chigae with the duk --- yummy i love the gooey rice cake...I feel so much better after getting a sweaty nose and bangs from such hot comforting food.

The whole place was empty and a bit warm - the food was pretty damn good and the conversation was going freely, coz it was like we were sitting in the comfort of a house. I love leisurely chatful eating...I love sitting and letting the conversation go circular while you eat and ponder.

OTP Pledge:

We will no longer make bad decisions.

So we take off...I show her a few more things and it's desperately time for and tea and we sit outside facing the street...The weather is so perfect right now - 84 in the day 76 at night...and the breezes were cool after sundown. The last months of the year in the desert are just beautiful...tank top days and breezy cool nights.

Soo sexy and pretty are the stickers

Sooo sexy and brave is the stickerer of stickers

We saunter over to Borders...Lala picks up a mag...I pick up a mag...we agree to trade mags after we're done with said mags. I also find Crying Freeman 1 and 2 - I pick those up. I also find Hardboiled and Hardluck by Banana Yoshimoto and pick that up. I also fiind the movie Lady Vengeance by Park Chan-Wook, who did Old boy - i SNATCH that quick. I'm happy with all my little transactions and excited about all this stuff i'm gonna read and watch. I miss intellectual stimulation.

I'm bad I still haven't read this months Theme Mag

or watched the Donnie Yen flick Killzone. I'mma watch that with Z----.

We're pooped.

All girls go home - big hugs and more plans. We'll meet Saturday again before my date - and it will be all good...


...on free time

It's really odd to have all this free time. I kinna like it --- shifting the focus to myself and what I want and need. It's so dope to drive into the sunshine with the top down and cool winds jackin' up your hair. It's so dope to change mid plan coz you felt like doing something different. I'm finding myself to be more relaxed with a perma smirk on my face. Funny...I never would have thought it would come to this 3 weeks ago...

But when the gods bless you with resilience and're on the up.

still...just sit tight and wait...

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