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Contact Me By Clicking "view my complete profile"

Friday, October 20, 2006

20 Oct 2006: Cookies Roll Call

Me and the girls are gonna go out for a quick drink.

However...I must say cookies will be baked tomorrow...

Here is my pre approved drop offs by Sunday.

1) JT - overnight express plus handwritten poetry

2) dj Konradio

3) Wendy and Grime

4) Zokes

5) Crash

6) Rocky

7) April's Parcel shrinkwrapped...

8) Lala's crib

9) Gabriel of Fortoul Fame

10) Hyder and Diosa


If you have a request put it in now. We will be back home by 3am.


The last week has been bonkers but fun. If you have seen me out lately and I look tipsy it's coz I am. If I look like I'm having fun it's coz I am. The old sauce no longer lives here, I decided to come back to civilization and urbanism. Domesticity doesn't really fit and even though someone may be far away - Someone will always always always be near to me.

Know that.

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