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Saturday, October 14, 2006

14 Oct 2006: Bi Bim Bap and the Boogie...

So I'm asleep this morning and the phone rings and I pick it up...It's my brother and he's like hey we're at the Korean Joint - what do you want - I'm like bi bim bap Foo !!! He's like Wut. I'm like Beeh Beam Bop...He's like okay. Steve comes up to the door and drops off rent for the west house. I weigh in...oops lost another 2 lbs. Meander around the yard with the dogs and then my brother and sister get here.

I MURDERED THE FOOD. I don't know why. That spicy vegetable goodness makes me so happy. All that crunchin and munchin with bits of sweet marinated beef - HELL YEAH.

I like that me and the sibs have always been like that - even when we go out to eat or pop by a bakery we always call home to see if anyone wants anything. Everyone is always included. No one is forgotten.


Date tonight. Date tomorrow before I leave. I gotta give M--- credit. He's securing his pole position in this dating arena. Truth is this guy is really cool, I mean genuinely so. I like the fact that he is attentive and affectionate. I like the fact that he has a strong point without being all in your face about shit. I like that he's unapologetic about having an opinion. He really is a gentleman and albeit I won't disclose any recent conversations with him, he is TRUTHFUL --- even if it causes him discomfort. I like it. I think he likes me. I think he digs me.I think he digs that look in my eyes.I think he digs that Miyake misted on my clean skin. I think I think he's feelin' my idiosyncratic verbal boogie.

Don't even front...I know what your thinkin, when you lean in for that 3rd picture. Don't even front...I can feel your nose against the softest part of my neck. Don't even front...I know what you're thinkin' when you give my hair a gentle tug. Don't even front...I see your eyes gettin' bigger. Don't even front...I felt your lips brush against my cheek after you whispered in my ear...Don't even front...your heartpounding shows in your eyes.


You know there's a LOT to be said about natural chemistry. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. In this case it has...but there's no cause for alarm. He's asked me so what do you think and I said I think we're good and we should just let things happen naturally. I can sense his impatience. We'll see...we'll see if he actually has a little urge control...Sometimes chefgirls are worth the wait.


and we're off. It's another Saturday.

Happy Weekend something nice for yourself. do something nice for someone you love. Just do SOMETHING...

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