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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

04 Oct 2006: Quotables - like snacks for your skull

from Mommy 2 (my mommy at work and in life).

Since Mom spends 8 months overseas hangin out and waitin for my coffee plants to grow and the mangoes to ripen --- I am lucky I have a secondary Mommy. She always stops by (well duh she owns the joint) and says how is my girl, how is my baby girl, how is my pretty girl...

So she comes up to me, touches my cheek and says,"My goodness look at your complexion - you are just glowing honey..."

I laugh and say,"Thanks Mommy, revenge is so refreshing..."

She laughed and ran off to handle the million things she does in a day.


"We always wondered why..."

'nuff said


"I heard the phrase intestinal parasites and thought of..."

fuckin April...ur killin' me with your daily shit


"...they are lining up Saucy, you just don't see it...coz you are blurred with rage. It's coming you're gonna get bombed with fools chasing you..."

bwaa hahhaa

i'm hidin' his identity


"Doesn't he know how hard it is to find quality females and FILIPINO ones at that - believe me I know...shit...damn...sorry..."


bwaa hahaha i hear that shit honey.


"he DOES make a good afghani though..."

_nu UH_

stop laughin you two - i put it up coz you said...


"how can so much sadness be in such a beautiful girl..."


He's already called today to ask for his second date. I said no more heavy dates coz i'm not wasting anymore eyeshadow so you have to tip some lazy ass server. Okay he says all optimistic...I wish I could shrug verbally but instead I told him I'll call you after work...I have to pick up some shit then we'll see...I told him maybe coffee or the diner if i'm hungry.


"Even dogs have shame, they turn their head when they take a hot mean shit"

- me.

i think that explains itself, but it tickles me to death


"i do judge people with crappy work ethics because to me that shows the effort they would put into a relationship or just life in general. "

...identity withheld...

Where were you foolio - when I was bein' misled...


So everything's swingin as it was. Upward, onward. Plans are already being made well past March. I'm lookin' forward to all the old freedoms and travelling and shit. When you don't have a load on your back you can move faster and higher. It's hella dope to walk into some joint and pick up a stack of cd's then boots then a couple jackets and not be riddled with guilt. It's hella awesome to take my sister to dinner and pick up the check coz I don't gotta set anything aside. It's even doper to work a 12 hour day and not have to rush to make anyone dinner who doesn't even appreciate it but grunts. Some things won't ever change - I can live with that. I'm not the one who needs to be remorseful and sorry and if other people can't be - that's their damage. Always movin...always facing the sun...

did i mention the motorcycle?

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