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Sunday, October 22, 2006

22 Oct 2006: Four Play...All Day...Every way

I don't even know where to start...Coz it's been out every night since the 12th of October...I didn't take any of my vacation time, so that I can use that for the end of the year for my New Years Eve Bail out of town. 8 hour days at the shop - 8 hour nights out with the chickas...

Honey Drippin', Man Jugglin', Date Droppin...Social Amnesiac


7 hour day at the shop

Bwaa hahahha. Take me back Tuesday Koreapino style. I'm so glad that she finally got to meet the boys coz I talk about them all the time. We met Gizmo and L-boogz, enjoyed some reggae and shook it a bit. April was laughing at the tabs. She just couldn't believe how cheap it is to drink in this town. And drink we did. Hyder laughed at me and called me FAYYYYDED...E-lo is just cute and it's a consistent pleasure to be around her in or out of the night scene. Jason is funny. And how did L-Boogz and April end up talkin' about the end up...the world is way too small sometimes.

Wednesday, 9 hour day at the shop

Yummy Korean dinner and some lightweight carousing...

Thursday, 6 hour day

I took Laura Megs and Audra to the Blunt Club with me n April then ran into Jenna. Oddworld. It was so fun to see everyone. Of course we'd already started knockin back some soju and chasers early in the night. You know it was just like old times - bay days - get ready days...It reminded me of our old late night missions after a full day of corporate hustlin' for that fortune 100 company. It reminded me of callin' in sick at 5am coz we were too faded to make it in by 8am. hahahha.

Everything is an exhausted alcoholic blurr. I remember getting a round then another round...Hugs all around - Oh my girls were a little scared of the Davis-esque boogie-ing. Bwaa hahahhha. "Pabo" bitches. Whenever I'm around April it's always dancing and drinkin...and I know it's always gonna be. I recollect goin for some Ketel One Martini's and laced Redbulls and as I was walkin' by givin' Baron an air kiss some fuckin' weird ass freakoid is like oh my god GURL whassup - and I threw him a Bay eyeroll and said you wish mothuhfucka and Baron LAUUUUGHED.

April's new name is Tenacious D. She can love you or hate you tenaciously. So we post up in a booth and keep bringin on rounds then Gabriel shows up and says Hello. He's so winning, and naturally so. He noticed my girls with their eyes on the prize - oh how funny.

Then Deep Rooted came onstage. They are amazing. Some people simply belong on stage and performing. You can see when people love what they do and how MUCH dedication they pour into what they do. I actually ended up with the first and second album, and unregrettably I've played them up and down for the last few days and everyone at the shop grooves sideways when they hear that shit. I also met Sha Dula - phewwww, he's kinna sexy - and i'mma stop right there.

More dancing, more drinkin...more huggin' more really feels good to be so easily hugged and welcomed and missed. And just when I thought I couldn' t take anymore my girls push further on. hahahhahha. My baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatches - i love you guys. April is up to her old ways...when I'm givin phone numbers she looks at the number and looks at the guy and throws the number in the air and says, "Nope he's not good enough/cute enough/smart enough/hot enough..." and throws the number to the air and said let's go. hahahhaa.

Friday...8 hour work day at the shop.

So after a day of sweets and craziness. It's just a few shots at a local joint with April and some more talkin and then we're on a cookie mission...So I call the cookie roll call and bake everything out. Clean a little internet house over some shots and some hybrid. Hilarious.

Saturday...sleep IN...ahhhh

I think we got our asses up at about noon and all we had on our minds was Damn Corndogs. hahahhahah. Get up get showered and get on.

We stop by dj Konradios to drop off his cookies as well as the cookies for Grime and Wendy. When he's done with that Impala it's gonna be dope. We got to meet his Dad too and Jeez - Dad's got some Jokes... hahahha. Some damn good jokes. Arm jokes hahahhhaa.

Just for that I'm rockin' dad's birthday Cake. On Halloween.


I've been here in Arizona for a little over 2 years and I've never been to the State Fair. Actually I haven't been to the State Fair since a little after college and that was a corndog mission. You know what's funny about me and my girls? We'll go get what we want when we want regardless of cost or time.

Parking :15 rocks

Entrance: 10 rocks each

Corndogs: 5 rocks each

Softees: 4 bucks each

Shooting Stars: 5 rocks each

My shot:

April's Shot

I really don't even like those guns - you have to aim a little above 6 o'clock. I have to say I kind of like the way April sprays - she just takes everything out. hahaha. I should have metered the shots better I only missed one point. Her specialty - disfigurement. My specialty is clean organ removal.

Carousel Gondola Ride : Free (huh)

no really it was free at least for us

Just damn hilarious.

Damn Girl Stop makin' me Laugh

Fish hook game : 20 rocks


Don't pick bear butts...

I'll tell you this, it was easier gettin out of there than gettin' in.

Tired, sweaty, time to go home

and get ready for part deuce.

I'm so mad we found someones ATM card in the ATM and we tried to be nice and call the damn lost and stolen line and had to wait 20 minutes for a damn operator. I dunno about this good samaritan shit - but it's like this, if I was actually brain farting one day and lost mine I'd appreciate it if someone called my shit in lost since I actually have something to steal in there. So we did that shit and did our good deed.

But since we were waitin on the call from Lala and/or from Gabriel then we might as well stop for a little Hawaiian Snack...

Right as we dig's on for the night...

So we take the extra truck that's in the garage and pick up the girls. We stop in at the boys house. I must say it is a JOY to be around men who are gentlemanly. It is a joy to be around trustworthy men who actually have something to say but can still roll a blunt one handed. It is a JOY to hear genuine laughter again. It is also a joy to be around people who love what they do, and work fuckin' hard to live the dream. That house is fabulous. I love that smell of unstained wood and the sound of concrete clicking under my stillettos...

All of those fellas are fabulous - Gabriel, Isaac, Vic and Bobby...each of them characters in their own right...I have a crush on those robot paintings.

First stop...Antispace --- we were a bit late...and as we drove up April and I recognized the music and said OMG that's Deep Rooted...we looked and it was Phat E - doin his thing...Princess lost her MIND when Phat E started playin' High Five - I like the way. bwaa hahahhaha.

Second party with band...we just walk over there from the Anti Space gig coz it's only a block or so.

Bobby did you bring your damn car magazine in here? hahahha.

Stroll, stroll, roll, sit. Conversations by the bricks. Doin' the rounds reminded me of how clubbin' should be shifted and shifting...

Third stop...Bikini Lounge

Meghan, Vic and the bartender, i think her name is Leslie.

Vic was kickin my ass with his one liner shit. He was makin' me and April laugh all KINDS. He just says the whackiest shit in the most deadpan voice. It was just BIG fun. I actually liked that bar full of lively people in plenty of conversations. Okay the eurojanky dudes hitting on us - NOT okay - everything else was okay. DJ playin' Malcolm McLaren's Buffalo Gals - 2 thumbs up and my ass in the air. Asian dudes seein' me and April walk in and get that LOOK cracked me up.

Again the gentlemanly offers of would you like anything to drink - alcohol or otherwise...What a change. And don't get me wrong, it's not like the fellas were hitting on us. They weren't. It was one of those dope conversational nights that people should have. more stop for squares and more drinks...So we stop at the Circle K.

...senorita Bess...

No more mixin' liquor and trees for you. Stop pickin' on handicapped folks and nerdboxes. Hey drunky...fix...fix...on the right side. haahhaa.

Last stop...

Hidden House

This place is cool. Chock full of regulars though and I see plenty of familiar faces. Nice cozy space and parkin' wasn't so bad. Everyone's gettin their drink on hella good. Bathroom break. They are these single bathrooms that lock. April and I wait a hefty amount of time only to discover it's Meghan in there - hahahhahha. So then April goes in and I block the pass. So this wanna be buffed short midget is like - I'm gonna kick that door down if I don't get in. I turned around and said you ain't kickin' down shit fool - my best girl is in there doin her business. Kick that door down and your eatin' stillettos tonight. He's like Oh sorry. I'm like Yah anyway. Thing is she was only in there for like uh 2 minutes and his little midget bitch ass was already cryin. Baaaaatch.

12:51 am and I'm back in the parkin' lot on the cellator havin' a conversation. Dude walks by tryin to talk to me and I'm steady yappin' on the phone givin' dude the kung fu wave...How you gonna try to talk to me when I'm already talkin?

So I go back to the area with a dancefloor and everyone is talkin and minglin' more towards the middle of the room. It's gettin' a bit hard to keep track of conversations. This guy is lookin' at me and I'm lookin' at him like Hmmmm - I'll have to check it under real light. The girls answer my question even before I ask - they're like uh NO he's not hot enough for you. I just had to roll off the bar stool from that shit. Meghans affectionate ass is so sweet...I wanna just tuck her in my back pocket....

Back to the gameroom area. It's been steady walkin' all night so I sit next to the girls and the boys flank us. Conversations are flowin...drinks are's all good...So then very possibly the dorkiest white guy on the planet is tryin' to talk to me. And I'm not really trippin' coz uh, that shit ain't gettin nowhere. He thinks I'm pretty, he thinks i'm fine, he touches my shoulder, he tries to buy me a drink, he's really starin. I give him this LOOK and he says, I know what you are sayin' you are sayin,"fuck off you MF. hahahaha" I just nodded. I think everyone's pretty much ready...and all the sudden Vic's Cambodian ass says - Asian girls time to go - no talkin to white boys and waves his Arm in the air. Hahahhahhaa. Me and April laughed and said let's go - just damn hilarious...I was like hell - run for the truck, we don't wanna accidentally bump into any parkin' lot pimps.

Afterparty..Uh you mean after we went to the market and Megz asked for a piece of FRUIT - haahhahhha. You know they din't have fruit at the liquor store so I got them skittles. There Baahhhtches - it's fruit flavoured. Strangely enough they were happy with it. More drinks and more conversations and plenty of hugs.

I'm so happy we went out. Great people good more dumb shit. Things are as they should be. Unhindered...


you slowed me down

but never took me down

i have the fortitude of forefathers

i have the mettle of a motherland

out of darkness

i walk

i stride

i strut


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