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Thursday, November 2, 2006

01 Nov 2006: I know i know i know

Firstly Happy Birthday Hydacious. They don't make them as gangsta as us anymore. The oldest are not always the strongest, but in this case we are. I hope you keep that devilish look in your eyes forever. I hope you keep that boyish grin on your face til you are old and grey. I hope all your kicks sparkle. You were the first person EVER to befriend me in Arizona and I'm so glad you did. I heart you boy...

I know I owe you guys a blog...

...on 19 for 19...

Basically I've been going out in one way or another since the 12th of October with scheduled and impromptu dinner dates prior to that. Today was the last lunch date - and I'm stayin' in tonight to catch up on some writing and take a damn bubblebath. I'm sore today like I was wrestling with a grown ass man until 5am...and the water is already running so I better write quickly. I'm a little tired but a lot happy. hahahha.

So that is my personal best. Going out 19 days in a row --- I didn't miss one day of work and I wasn't late except one day when there was an accident and a detour. There's pictures of me out in the world getting piggy back rides, gettin' spanked in fountains, gettin a leg up and hammered in casinos. The boys at work have told me that I graduated from being an animal to a beast to a savage and I have reset the bar on going out. Bwaa hahaha. Handsome Charming Sweet Boys - I love thee.

...AZ Bachelorette...

Okay the initial 4 contestants were cut by me. All of the circumstances varied from boredom, conflicting schedules, lack of sex appeal (theirs) or simply because I felt like it. However. Things have changed again.

After a dinner and coffee with Katie last Saturday I caught a midnight showing of Saw III (it was a very booty sequel) with N---. You know what he was a gentleman the entire time and I was totally comfortable with him. When I met him at the theatre he already had tickets in hand and was ready to go. He also offered popcorn and such - but how was I supposed to eat after I already threw down with Katie. He's lucky I'm not a greedy sow. haha. He even offered up that huge bicep of his for me to hide behind during the gory parts. But it wasn't as gross as the first one so I din't have much use for the bicep. He didn't live that far from Mill and had walked there so I gave him a ride home. Much to my amazement he had a full weight set in the living room as well as a kick bag. I was like YAY a kickbag - I haven't had one of these since I was a kid - then I did some knee combinations and a roundhouse in my STILETTOS. Bwaa hahahha - he said what was that??? I said oh nuthin' just playin around. He said no those were fully extended combinations. I said no they weren't. He said yes they were...and I shrugged. He's like wanna talk on the patio - hahahaha. We talked for awhile about music and string theory and spectrum. It was cool then I left. He asked me to call him but frankly I'm too busy.

Then there is J--------. He's cool. Handsome. Kind of clever but in a predictable way. He's mixed and a touch mixed up. I let him take me to lunch - but so what. He approached me while I was at the starbucks writing viciously and poisonously in my journal.He overtalks shit and then I just reduce his bullshit theorem to one sentence. NEXT...

So Thomas and Kimmy introduced me to G---. Uh, he's workin' on his Chemistry masters or some shit. He actually tried to impress me with some shit on energy efficient vehicles and such. I told him oh I've read about those - they are the Hydrogen powered vehicles - but the problem is in creating the power cells made of Hydrogen - which means you have to use a lot of fuel to separate the particles which in turn creates pollution - so the key is to figure out fusion so you can use nuclear energy. He lost his mind over that shit. Dumb Ass - some of us do read you know. Also, I didn't like that just coz I'm sitting next to him he's pawing me and shit. I was only actin' cool coz Thomas bought me hella shots, had I been sober G--- would have taken 20 stab wounds to the chest - with a BALLPEN.

So - prior to Shimmy Mondays (Diosa/Hyder gig)...I had some time to kill after dropping off a MONSTROUS cake for Signore Hydacious...So I go over to Starbizzles and attempt to write (for the umpteenth time this week)...There's multiple conversations around me and I kind of like the random noises and the bar talkin' upstairs at Gordon Biersch. Suddenly this pretty hot guy comes up to me. I look up and say yes? He says, I'm sorry I have to ask what are you reading. I answer I'm not reading. He points and says and what is that. I reply - a blank journal that is half full. He said oh - so are you writing? I nod and lift an eyebrow. He puts his hand out and says hi my name is C---. I tell him I have a name but I'm called Saucy. People around us are being nosy now. So we talk on and off about random subjects and I still manage to tell him NOTHING of myself other than I'm a pastry chef. He's like I really have to get going, could I get your number? I'm like shit...just give me your phone - and I enter my name and number. I advise him that I'm very busy with both work and going out plus a multiple strand of dates. He nods. I have to give him credit - That was on Monday and he's already sent me like 10 text messages 1 voicemail and called twice. Unfortunately, he's always catching me at a bad time.

I also met M--- and she traded numbers if I'd like to go to first Friday and I indicated that I would prolly be at Se Vende. No I'm not bisexual.

Hmmm - who else am I forgetting? Maybe someone intriguing. Maybe someone who makes you smile super easily. But that's another story. Sometimes you meet people who keep you guessing and wondering and you don't wanna share. At least not yet...

it's like this: I'm becoming rather good at rejecting people. I don't feel guilty about it and I won't apologize for it. If I don't like how you look at me, or your nails or if your socks don't match: you are CUT. If my dinner comes and it's the wrong order and you don't react - you are CUT. If I so much as don't like your tone - you are CUT. If you are mannerless or have bad etiquette, you are CUT. If you are a mouth breather - you are CUT. If you call too often or call me too early in the morning - you are CUT. If you approach me and your shit is corny or whack - I won't even TELL you you are CUT - all you get is one finger. My days of tolerance are gone.


...on work...

Work flows steadily and easily. Some days are little longer but most of them are short. Everyone seems to be in a good mood for the last month or so - which makes time pass quickly. It's funny how some nights certain kids will ask are you going out tonight? Do you want any help so you can go get ready? I'm like no rush - the club/bar/party/date isn't going anywhere...that shit can wait - good desserts shouldn't be rushed. I remember a couple nights I was almost done and they bamboozled me into makin' them spaghetti with marinara sauce and I ended up going out smellin like garlic - hahahah. But I adore them and would rarely say no to any of their dinner requests, even on nights that "family meal" isn't scheduled.



Take me Back Tuesday at the Squarebear Cat...Some of those costumes were just damn Hilarious. Jason the bouncer dude is ginormous wrestler type with arms bigger than your thighs - and this FOO had the nerve to wear a lady godiva wig with a red bustier mini skirt combo and fishnets with his ADIDAS. Sexy bitch. hahahha. Jason's great, always with a smile, always with a story, always with a hug, and never charges me. Then there was she DIN't walk in in the Easy-E gettup. Black baseball cap, jheri curl, ray ban shades, dickies shirt and pants and wife beater with lowtops on her feet. Bwaa hahahhahha. I love that shit.

I love bein around that girl - it's always an adventure. And her cousin Crystal drives me bonkers with her eyeroll.

...Take me Back Thank You...

Hey dj Reflekshin - thanks for saving me from the drunken Samoan dude - even though you kept threatening to leave coz you like the look of horror on my face. Shithead. Also thank you for the Burnt Toast's gettin way too much play - "coz it's the shieeeeeeet" Um...may I please have's addicting.


...on Everyone...

I didn't go out for a long time coz I was focused on work and my goals and all of that. I did see everyone in spurts at random times at parties, barbecues or just impromptu brunches. Now that I have someone to assist me and more gouda and flexible hours I've decided to maximize going out. It's odd - It's still the same love I got before. And so what is it? Plenty of catching up and more invitations. Tons of Hugs and jokes and laughing. Yet another squeeze to the side and glass clinking and more cheers and drinking. Girls blowin' me kisses who I haven't seen since April. I forgot how much I enjoy these nights of relaxing after a long days work and people who GENUINELY give a shit about you. People who ask you how are you, are you okay? People who tell you how much they heart you and miss you. People who you've become friends with who look you in the eyes and care.

It's time to bring back Kill Grill. It's not good for all of us to eat apart.

...It is what it is...

The more life changes, the more it stays the same. Nothing is routine anymore and I like it. A lot of cool shit is happening now and is about to start happening and I find myself just laughing randomly and often. Someone told me the other day - you look different, you look genuinely happy and that edge of worry is gone from your eyes. I simply said Thanks - I don't feel worry anymore. The thing is when you take care of yourself without any weight on your back moving through the days and nights is like floating on warm ocean water with the sun on your face.

Besides, a pair of GED's don't stack against a double degree.

'nuff said.

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