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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

08 Nov 2006: Uptown, Downtown Getdown - Hoes Down...

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So today i deleted n.... from my account and also put him on block so he can contact me no further. I've been askin' him steadily for 3 weeks not to speak to me any further. Hopefully this will drive the point home. I don't know why he thinks we can be friends when in reality - you should not betray your friends coz friends last longer than hoes. Yanno.

Ironically, his friends betray his confidences. Tell me not only is he not makin' rent - after his hoe tells him not to worry about rent coz she's got it - he ends up givin' her half his check to cover HER rent. On top of that he posts a fuckin' blog talkin' about he needs a jacket and shit. Ain't that some shit. Fuckin' hilarious. ABSOLUTE POVERTY. Crash was also drunkedly nice enough to tell me that he is having beef with people at work - and they are cutting his hours. Zokes and Crash can sense that his time in AZ is coming to an end. Crash has also told me that both Adam and Tim say that more than likely it is going to be a "kick him out the house" situation and that Zokes and Crash are looking for a new roommate and feel NO guilt about that shit at ALL. You reap what you sow motherfucker - I never wished anything on you except to feel what I felt --- to take back the misery you gave me. There you go.

I also like how his so called homies hit on me and shit. Bwaa hahaha they ain't your homies mothuhfucka - coz they trying to climb up on some shit you are still in love with. Fuckin' beautiful.

This entire situation could not have played out better if I would have written a damn screenplay about the shit. There is NO way I could have manipulated the shit to my favor. Simply put - I am friends with these people and I intend to remain their friend. It's THAT simple.

Besides - if you are so in love with that slut then be with her ass. Don't come crawling to me - coz you have no game left with me. I am no longer drunk on your poetry plus your lazy pathetic ass hasn't even written any poetry in a year. you are beyond cut - you are julienned...

Funny, all the times that I've seen them together - they belong together - they are both short with weird arms and big ass heads. Kind of like this bobblehead proportion in a weird dirty white trash way. It figures that he would end up with a slutty ass trailer park lookin' bitch. I mean afterall, didn't his father catch his mother getting the dick slid up in HER - so if men look for their mothers - he would need to be with a slutty ass white chick. In the end all these things make sense.

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