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Saturday, November 18, 2006

18 Nov 2006: I just can't be near you...

First of All, Happy Birthday Broojeyla Baby...I heart you girl...


...Okay guys, I'm going to do my best not to be Kryptic...

So this is the continuing saga from my previous blog:"Who knows you best..."The day after the date he'd sent me a text,"Good afternoon..." I responded with, "hi..." As an afterthought a little later I sent him a text that said,"So...are you thinking of me?" He quickly replied,"I can't stop." hahahaha. I retorted,"don't tease" He shot back,"NEVER."---

...on little surprises...

A few days ago L*** had sent me a message tellin' me he was trying to get back to Phoenix from LA. I was surprised to say the least, I mean afterall we'd only been on a short date over drinks. He's busy and I"m busy and as dope as he is, I didn't expect our schedules to jive...Even if he had never called I wouldn't have been mad, coz it was a great date, great experience and he's an exceptional man. Life gets in the way and often times 2 go getters just can't get it together. but...

But last night around midnight I'm sprawled in panties eating Droste Bittersweet Pastilles and reading the latest Issues of Giant Robot and Flaunt. I get a text,"things didn't work out but i'm passing through..." I texted,"Call me when you have everything settled" He said it would be an hour. Yeah right it was like 20 minutes. He got the car to where it needed and dropped off the Nascar stuff to a friend and called me.

I have to admit, my day was a bit tedious and sad coz some of the kids had quit and they are my favorites no less. I knew he was gonna surprise me coz I hadn't heard from him yesterday. So L*** calls and I say meet me at the 5 & Diner @ 16th and Colter. So I pull my pants on and strap on my sandals. Hahahah - He called me like 4x while I was en route to the diner. His last 3 days have been just as insane as mine. But I adore that he has principles that he STANDS on. So I'm off and the best I could do was fix my bedhead and put on some lipgloss.

So I walk up and he's sittin' on the patio smoking a cigar and chatting with the server. Okay that's underplayed - I peeled into the parking lot after flippin a 180 into the driveway. Oh how I love my little car. So I walk up and say Hi...and he stands up when I get there and he gives me a hug. The server comes up and asks if I'd like anything....I say plain iced tea. He asks if we'd like to order any food - and I say no I'm not hungry. We both laugh. So we're talking about how crazy the last week has been and I'm really looking at him.

He's got fabulous taste. His clothing is easy but you can see how hot his body is. He's trendy but not ridiculous. His hands and skin are beautiful and manicured. And he's looking at me and unashamedly tells me that I'm so damn sexy. I laugh and say oh even in the bright light? He said yes, especially in the bright light. Which is funny because last weekend when we went to the lounge that place is a bit dark. I kept lookin at him coz he was smiling at me. I would say What? He's like,"you're just beautiful..." I'd laugh and throw a modest,"thank you L***..." Then he'd do that thing. Hmmm how do you explain that "thing"...the thing like they are lookin at you like you are on a plate. He said WHAT!!! I said you are lookin' at me like I'm comin' out on a plate. He said NO...I said okay on a PLATTER!!! He said yah that's more accurate!!!" and gave out the HEARTIEST sexiest laugh ever. I really love it - he has no qualms or apologies in looking at me and being near me. Although...big ups on that super dirty hand kiss. Bad man!!!

Bwaa haahhahhaha.

So after sitting around and lounging until 330 am, he's like I have to go, my flight is at 7:15. I'm like Egad - I had no idea. He's like let me call a cab. I'm like no I'll take you, he's like are you sure. I'm like of course. Oh and you all think you know where this shit is going...but you don't. So I park my car and he's like,"you're coming in???," with this nervous look on his face. I'm like,"Of course I am...We're adults aren't we." Besides if he was leaving town again we should spend some kind of time together. And he's a damn gentleman to the CORE. In all of his every aspect of the way he acts: opening his own doors then mine, advising me that my money is never good for tabs around him, resting his hand on the small of my back while we walk, being super attentive, his hands holding mine, the look in his eyes when he asks how i AM / what would i like / do i need anything / smoothing the hair at my temple / not manhandling me even though he's affectionate...he's THAT. He looks a bit nervous. So I pull up a chair and he pulls up the one next to me. Coz --- uh that room is all just California King Size bed. So we're sitting next to each other talking and he's lookin' at me like I'm edible again and it's makin' me laugh. He's like,"what?!?" I'm like you're doing it again...He's like,"Sorry, I can't help it..." So he does this funny thing and says come here...and we're in front of this mirror and he holds me in front of him with one arm around my waist and says,"How do we look?" I tilted my head and said,"Like the beautiful people honey..." He nodded in agreement. So we revert to the chairs again and I tell him,"this is ridiculous, we need to take a nap. We've both had horrendously long days." I start to unstrap my platform wedges. He looks nervous now. Bwa hahaha. So I sit on the middle of the bed and tap the spot next to me. Hahaha. I'm so bad.

You know why I was being bad?

Coz I had total confidence in his self control as a man and that he is a gentleman to the core...And I was right. He never overstepped himself. I can't believe he took 3 pics of us and deleted them. hahaha. He is entirely too handsome to be deleting anything.The funniest thing he did was say Get up - I'm taking a pic of you to send to my boys. So I did that cheek point thing that April and Sharon taught me - hahaha. He's like hahahhahhaha - you look just like your myspace picture!!! Hilarious. So he sends the pic and his friends are like, "she's hella pretty - i know she's got friends, don't be greedy"

Truth be told...nothing happened. huh? We just got really close and talked about everything and tried to sleep. But he fidgetted and called in reinforcements on the phone and told me,"I just can't be near you...this is too close..." I said,"...why" He said, "Look at you, you're damn sexy..." and he'd start pacing in the room. hahaha. Soooooo kyoote. He said a lot of things, but nothing said more than his eyes.

I asked him," what do you want for your birthday?" With his eyes facing mine on the pillow he quietly said,"...just to be with you..." Then it got kind of out of hand for a minute.

Am I so cruel?

Time's passing more quickly now and he'll have to be at the airport in less than an hour. So we set plans...and he says,"I'll be back ____, I'll need you to give me 48 hours, I want to take you somewhere." With my hello kitty look on my face I asked,"Are you going to tell me where?" He said,"No, I want it to be a surprise..." I squinch up my face and say,"then how will I know what to pack???" He said don't pack anything, "I'll take care of it." How BOOOOOSSSSSSSY. I love it!

So I'm on the road at 6am. He's en route to the airport. I'm smiling at the brightening sky with the scent of a man on my skin.

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