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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

22 Nov 2006: Sometimes Drunkey's Luck Out

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...Okay so I drank a little...

After a kind of tiring day at work and running to the primary shop with Camelback closed...I made it to the Flava Shop reunion. I also brought Gya some gelato - I should have brought her a truckload since it's been forthcoming since MARCH! But wonderful soul that she is - she does not keep track or guilt you or have any negativity flowing off her soul.

We caught up on things and non things. We talked about all the clever things whimsical creatures such as ourselves do. We also talked about Capoeira Angola since my brother is interested in it - and she positively lit up talkin' about this. I think it will be a perfect fit for my broham.

We also discussed Bomblette Brunch. Months ago she had called to the homie hideout when it was on Hardy near 5th and said she was hungry and I said well come over and I'll throw some omellettes. Hyder happen to be there and he got his as well. That day Hyder christened my omellettes "BOMBLETTES" This saturday around 11-ish we are going to have a bomblette brunch at Gya's joint, I'll also be making French toast with Hawaiian Bread so it's nice and yummy. If you don't know Gya - you better kiss her ass now and get invited - hahahha. Coz we really don't mind who shows and who doesn't - we're gonna throw down. I think it will be 10 people for sure. Then again, these things have a way of going bonkers exponentially. Which is damn fine with me. I miss breakin' bread with everyone. I mean EVERYONE.

...on crazy brown girls...

Have i ever mentioned how much fun Krystal and Gizmo are?

Well shieeeeeeeeeeet they are.

Gizmo - how you gonna tell us to open wide...

No money shots in the smoke room...


...on things lost...

A new Brez piece to add to my collection...

Well, when I broke up with the ex some months ago. I lost a lot of things. One of them was a painting he gave me that was painted by Brez. It had a gradation of greys and blues with a hint of yellow. I always loved that painting and when we broke up - he never gave me the painting and actually told my best friend - I have some shit of Saucy's and she's not getting it back. I chalked it up as a loss in the game. Of all the things that could be replaced - that painting was NOT one of them. It was rather large - 12 x 36. But like I said - it was just one of my losses.

So tonight after Gya and I grabbed the gelato, I offered her a ride home (yes, I love your crib girl)...We were talkin about something - and she said well YOU have one of Breez's pieces right? And I said no girl - I actually lost that painting in the break up. She said what? I said yah, He won't give it to me, it's hanging between the 2 pieces that Tim bought. And Gya is so gracious she's enthusiastically and matter of factly stated - well tell me what colours you'd like and we'll get you a new one girl. I said nooooo, i'll love anything that Breez does. She looked on this shelf and said,"Here, take this one..." Awwwww. What a fabulous surprise - Thank you so much Mistress Seventh Letter!!!

Now the losses of the past are left behind.

Once I felt the weight of naivete lifted off of me, I looked no more at those old emotions and weaknesses. I feel relief that my eyes are no longer shaded by falsely invested faith. I feel like a thorn was pulled out of my soul. It's a new time now. Fortunately, for me the bonds I have are strong within and without.

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