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Sunday, November 19, 2006

19 Nov 2006: Drunkey's with Tiaras

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...So yesterday was my sister Keyla's 29th birthday. All her friends at work plus our other friends were all set to take her to dinner. I wasn't gonna make it to dinner coz I wanted to go to Breez's Opening Night for his exhibit. I never found the venue - coz I'm a ree ree. Gya caught up with me later on and let me know that she didn't have her phone on her.

...pre drunkey pics @ dinner...

Keyla and Xtina..

Kuya, Jen & Jeff, and _____

CJ & Nancy

James & another troublemaker - haha

Keyla and Kuya

Aaaw, our brother is so handsome huh

I want some damn food...

No really...gimme that plate

--- Everyone loves my little sister. 20 people RSVP-ed for dinner and then it was like 7 of us out to drinks...


Round 1...Margarita Rocks - Barfarito Pukes. I didn't choose the bars! I was along for the ride. If my little sister is 29 I'm supervising the drinking. Although it is true - she can drink my ass under the table.

^ That was after the first round of purple hooters and zombie shots....

^ that was after drink 3

^ Hey Chris, thanks for drink 4 - I wish I would have had a pic of her face after the creepy jaeger concoction. No Jaeger for Chef Girl.


^ Ordering drink 5 and 6 plus chilled Patron for Kuya

^ I think this was during the wait for drink 9

Zuma Grill:

I liked this place a lot better when it was the Salt River Saloon...I can't believe how packed that shit was. We were chest to chest...nut to butt...ass to ass in the most crowded narrow bar on the planet. And why was every muscular dude clumsy drunk and shoving. And why did my sister grab this dudes ass then play it off and he looked at ME like I grabbed his soggy apple!!! I can't believe my sister and linda actually met someone cool at this place and gave him my number. I could never go into that bar - it's just intolerable. So yeah - we close the ridiculously low bartab and break camp. Kuya says let's go to...

--- suite 301...

^ Definitely drink 10!!!

You know it wasn't easy walkin' around all that sidewalk - in a fuzzy sweater, tweed hotpants, tights and 5 inch mary janes - but by GOD I was on a mission to watch my sister get Hyphy-nated.

^ drink # 11 for the drunkey!!! hahahaha

All these fools were kissin' on my sister sayin' happy birthday blah blah rub rub hug hug. Bleahhhhhhhhhhhhh. She has such a good sense of humor about these knuckleheads - hahaha. I'm not so kind. Not even to the dude with a british accent who stops to admire my thigh highs.

^ Drink 12 and she won't sit on the sofa things with me on the patio. Keyla says if I sit down I'mma fall out. I'm like stand up then girl. Xtina and I look at each other and I say - I'll cut her off @ the 13th drink...

^ Drink 13 and she looks damn good huh. She wasn't even hurk hurk hurkin' up nuthin and albeit she had a swerve to her step she didn't have slurrin' in her holla. So - uh, they do last call and she has the NERVE to walk towards the bar - I said you trippin' She said can I go pee pee and I say fine go pee pee. So James, Chris and I are waiting near the restrooms and I witness this chick fall no less than 3 times in a drunken sprawl - then crawl over to a raised platform and try to look sexy and shit:

<-- priceless.


So that was the night and all kinds of other bonkers shit. I told everyone that was fun and shit - but next time I'm pickin' the spot for us to drink. Everyone was like OK. I told my sister I can't believe you met L*** in a joint like this - she said yah i did so tough shit, you are stayin' out tonight, coz you owe me even if you hate these bars - hahahahhhaha.


Pat and Jeff...when I first moved here we all went to a bar and it was so fun --- coz they are totally bonkers and about havin' fun. When I walked out of Pukerita Rocks Jeff and Kuya were in line and Jeff was like OMG - i didn't even recognize you when you first walked out. What the hell! Mind you Jeff is a brother to me and he does NOT hold back. hahahha. He's like OMG you look good. I said haha you haven't seen me in like 3 months - shit's changin' bro!!! He's like Yah I guess - let's go drink - haha. His girlfriend is supersweet and looks like Carla Gugino - uh GORGEOUS. He told Kuya today - I'm not used to seein' our sister like that, it's weird. Bwaa hahhaa.


Have I changed that much in 3 months?

Just wait until training is done. Then I'll be a damn machine.

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