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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

29 Nov 2006: Take Me Back Tuesday Birthday

so after a long day. and a long night before - I drop by the spot coz you know you should support your friends events even if you just make appearances and have a couple shots. besides, it's a good way to unwind and stuff to laugh with everyone...

Much to my chagrin - I bumped into Lynette.

Hahahha I miss that whacky girl.

So I had a couple shots and a rockstar and I was saying my goodbyes. Jonah and Brad B told me they were opening for Talib Kweli tomorrow and since Wendy is blessing me as her date - I shall be there. In the front.

I finally went by the boys around 5 to 1 table to say Goodbye - and you know what I din't even leave. It's LT's birthday...and no more makin' me pose for dorky ass pics LT - happy birthday now drink your shot.

no vogue-ing foo's

It was fun kids - see you at the show tonight.

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