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Sunday, November 26, 2006

26 Nov 2006: Breakin Bread and Gettin Fed Where Chef's Tread

It's been a crazy week. But today it settled itself into easy goodness.

This will be the photo free blog, Gya and Wendy have the pics and we're all busy. so the photo's can wait a few days. Ok? ok.

...on Thanksgiving...

You know I'd worked the day before and a photographer was actually coming in to take cake pics on thanksgiving - so I got it together. I was actually gettin' kind of tired towards the end and was thinking about what I was going to make for Thanksgiving. I'd spoken to a few people and some of my friends said they didn't know what they were doing and what not - but unless you tell me that you aren't cooking i'm not takin' the hint coz I have my own whacky distractions. Anyhow. I got off work around 11-ish and I was lucky my sister did the grocery shopping, coz I would have been one angry ass shopper at midnight.

I went home and baked off the cornbread, sliced and diced all the herb combinations and put them in separate ziploc bags and sharpied the dish name on them. I grated like 3 lbs of cheese and pre prepped 2 broccolli casseroles unassembled. I baked off the tart bottoms. By then it was like 4am - so I defrosted the turkey in ice water and went to bed.

the menu.

Roasted Turkey - garlic buttered

Roasted Chicken - my brother doesn't like turkey

Beer Marinated Tri Tip with Red Chili Crust

Rustic Red Mashed Potatoes with Crisp Roasted Garlic

Cornbread Italian Sausage Stuffing

Baked Ziti - no mac and cheese in my joint

Broccolli Casserole

Steamed Green Beans with Roux and Onions

Pumpkin Tartlets & Mom's Organic Coffee. Yah from her land.

Also brought in...

Potatoes au Gratin

Fabulous Samosas with chicken and mushroom - spicy tasty

Key Lime Pie (perfect)

more wine...

the attendees:

My brother - Rommel & My sister - Keyla

Me, Wendy, Grime, Konradio and his Princess

Big Cheez, Frenchie & Beth...

I have to say that this is one of the best Thanksgiving dinners I've ever had or been to. Although I wish I would have invited more people over and taken the day before off. Everything went smashingly. The conversation was flowing - all the food was ready on time. Wendy was simply amazed that I was able to make all the food by myself and it was ready to go - staged I told her - and we were just timing it so that when Frenchie and Beth arrived it would be game on the table.

<- wendy's plate

I will also say it's pretty dope when your homies actually stop to tell you,"Hey Saucy, I just wanna say I'm really glad to see you happy - genuinely happy --- you just look and act different, like you have no worries..." and I say thank you I am happy.

I guess you could say it was elevation by pushing a door open and you didn't know what was behind it. Good shit.

I also have to say it was so fun to watch Wendy and Grime try to occupy themselves while I was makin' the food. I love people with an appetite for food and for life and they have both. Cheez was crackin' me up - I can't believe it had been a year since he'd been over and he's like i brought my OWN damn tupperware for the stuffin' hahahhha. FOO !!! Beth and Frenchie are amazing - and I can't wait to get invited to one of their dinners. Even Rommel was chattin' it up with ole WLee... So fun.

So I notice Konradio's daughter Alyssa is eating a pumpkin tartlet with a kinna big spoon. I said baby would you like me to get you a better spoon - she said yes please. I bring her two and say would you like a tea spoon or a demitasse? She said ooooh the demitasse thank you. Bwaa ahhaha

Hella Diva.

It was kind of a long day and I was iffy about going to the blunt but Grimey and Wendy are like shutttup, grab your shit - you cooked all day, we'll kidnap you. And sure enough their asses did. I even met their friend Miss Jane. Bwaa hahahha - first time ever blunted in the blunt club. Know why - coz usually I'm drivin - not THAT night.

Antedote was rockin the spot and rockin' it right.

Let me tell you the club is kinna different through tight eyes. Hydacious was right at the front chattin' it up and stopped to give me a hug. I just love Hydacious. I flashed him my 4 stripe blue on white stillettos and he said giiiiiiiiiirl - you might be leaving the blunt with TWO guys tonight - hahahaha. Killin me. Although gettin' my ass grabbed twice almost killed my high. we circulated. Wendy moves kung fu fast through the crowd. Gya moves through the crowd like that too. I saw her for a brief minute and she was like Oh i gotta... And I couldn't decide what was worse my need for eyedrops or my deathly thirst. Thirst won. Then I saw Diosa - and I always feel better.


so the 4 of of us were loungin' in the vip corner - and Kris was crackin' me up and she said yes i'm hating. I said well fuck it then hate on girl. And the girl purposefully walked by her. I gotta say sluts are fucking bold. They don't give a rats ass that they kootchie is more ventilated than the kundalini express but damn if they don't walk around like it's okay. Kris was just shocked, I was like don't be shocked - I mean really what do hoes have to lose, nothing --- their market value is next to nothing, their faces and bodies are fallen, they have no moral value, more than likely they have no taste or breeding so fuck it, and you know fa sho' they aren't educated with any kind of real job or income so let them do their walk under a dark light. then the slut walked by again --- soo i let out my e-40 Baaaaaaaaaaaaaatch.

That fixed it - she din't come back. Next time I'm goin to home depot and gettin me a gallon of Hoe-repellent.

So it's the end of the night and the lights get turned on and all the scary girls run away from the bright light and me and wendy are laughin over that shit. And it's time to say goodbye to everyone which is the longest and best part of the night. So we make our way out...and Wendy stalls on her goodbye and I'm standin' in the middle of the dancefloor and eFFin' Reflekshin pulls a ninja move and is standing in front of me sayin' HI. I'm like bwaa hahhaha HI. I ask him, "So din't you know about bomblette brunch?" He's like," NO, I walked right by Gya in the living room and walked into my room and checked MYSPACE to find out we're havin' that shit." I was laughin' my ass off. I said well - you better be there or you ain't gettin' fed. He said I'mma be asleep - so cook quietly. hahahhhaa! He's a bossy turd - but he's a cool bossy turd.

So finally we make it outside. Grime is grindin - Wendy is Schmoozing - and I'm kinna confused and a bit hungry. huh. So we start heading towards the car and this guy stops Wendy. She looks a little puzzled and waves me towards her - and she says Saucy meet C******. I say hi. He's like you don't remember me. I say no. He said you're Saucy from myspace right - I'm like you sure you got the right one? He's like yah. I'm like hmmm. He's like uh you look like your pics and that SMILE is unmistakable. He said we used to talk about vegetarian feasting? I'm like hmmm. He's like I know you - you're Saucy from myspace. I said it's funny you should say that coz Existereo said the same thing to me at Jonah's party. He's like WHAT - I'm friends with Existereo. I told him send me the emails then - I wanna see. 2 days later I still ain't got shit. ((shrugs)) I dunno.

My friend B**** thinks it was a ruse to talk to me.

...on Friday...

I'm a knucklehead and left my money and atm at home and I had to work until 11. I'm kind of glad I went home instead of going out coz I had more energy for...

...for Saturday Bomblette Brunch...

the cast and crew: Gya, Breez, Reflekshin, Me, Hydacious, Diosa, Mattx, Beth, Phat e, Crash, Mesi, Vanessa, and Miss V's Baby (Jaden?) Baron, I think J Rocc was there for a quick second and Area 4 did a drive by, Wendy and Grime (drive by)...why do i feel like i'm missing someone?

the premise: We make a little arrangement of bowls. In each of the bowls are the separate ingredients: chicken, mexican beef, chorizo, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, sliced zuchinni, bellpepper, salsa, cheese, avocado. So, after everything was sliced - Gya and I threw 2 cast irons on the burners and smashed out 2 trays of french toast which I left in the oven on warm. Then I called out people in the order they arrived. And I make them a 3 or 4 egg omellette they grab french toast and grub on.

the dope part: While I was prepping everything we started with coffee. Once the cookin' started we were on the mimosas...I think Gya said we went through 8 bottles of champagne today plus merlot and some Zin. It was a beautiful day, perfect sunshine and wind - everyone in a festive mood. Everyone was mellow but chatty...It's a great group of people to be around. I really missed everyone and havin' these brunch style things. Gya is the best host ever -- she's fuckin' perfect at constant motion and makin' sure everyone's in a cool place with their drinks or food or conversation.

The lovely miss "V" has volunteered their joint for the next fete. I suggested that we do an Asian Gangsta Noodle bowl. Bwaa hahahhha. It's on.

I have to say everyone was happy with their Bomblettes. I have to say that everyone was happy with their french toast. I have to say that everyone was happy with everyone else's company. It was great to just kick back and have a couple glasses of wine and watch kung fu flicks. It was great to fall asleep on a pillow with a flick on and not have a damn care in the world, then wake up coz everyone should eat some quesadillas. I love the smell of freshly made food and the content sound of my friends eating.

I'm really lucky I'm surrounded by uplifted people who are rooted in things they love. I'm really lucky that people look upon me with love. I'm really lucky that people offer to thank me in private. haha. I'm really lucky that I'm smiled upon by very good friends...

...8 hours later...


So Gya has her lovely crib all in order again as if it weren't a whirlwind of noise and food and conversation. And I'm off to meet Katie at the diner for chickenfried steak. Would you believe that after an 8 hour brunch - I forgot to eat? Once I got to the diner I realized all I'd had was mimosa's and wine and coffee. Freakin' horrible.

Katie and I are just choppin' it up over umpteen cups of coffee and catchin' up on cheffin' and her gettin a new crib...and where we should go on vacation next year...and my crazy dating...and how she thought L*** is just the damn hottest guy she ever saw...but it's always laughter, caffeine and nicotine. Next year is gonna be super fun fun fun. What's a girl to do.

We got plans next week. But omg My calendar is already stuffed.

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