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Saturday, February 3, 2007

03 Feb 2007: Momeezie Birthdeezie...hahahahha

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Chocolate spins and swirls and you gotta rock it before it cools. Life is like that - plenty messy, absolutely deliscious and all about timing. Great timing will help you avoid the lumps and bumps. Recoknowdat...

Firstly...I want to say - I know I haven't written any blogs in awhile. I've been horrendously busy with work and totally captivated by my boyfriend. I will deny neither. However things have settled down and you will all be seeing more of me soon. I've been a grumpy saucy little cuss those getting bruised by my scathing glares - I am sorry. For those that deserve it - I'm not so sorry.

Secondly...I had a bad day the other day and I also needed new jeans and stuff coz all my pants are starting to look "dookie lodged" hahaha. So this morning I got up and did my Fuze drink and walked about the house and then Mom and Keyla came home and said what are you doing...I said going to the Outlets coz it's the closest - and Mom said I will take you. What's she mean she's takin ME? She doesn't drive - what she meant was - take me in your convertible. hahaha. If you all thought I am haven't met the REAL boss. They say the turd doesn't fall far from the bird - and they are RIGHT. haha.

So three pairs of pants later, a vest, some shoes, a dope tee, some more bottoms and tops...a belt...some flip flops and I dunno other stuff we were off again. All I have to say that it is the February winter clearances - if you have an outlet mall near you - take your asses there...we made out like bandits at BcBg, polo, emannuel Ungaro, Levi's, Rack Shoes, Hurley and Boss. I mean seriously - I don't have trunk space in the MINI or I never would have left.

...on the Birthday girl number 1...

Happy Birthday have loved us through thick and thin...through awards ceremonies and emergency you say,"you have a PH.D in troubled youth...and can write many thesis' on it" So now you were gleaming proudly over our little brown faces - coz we got YOU dinner. hahahha.

En route to the restaurant Bobby Q...I was fiddlin' with the cam...and my sister was playin' a little e 40.... I was a bit tired after a full afternoon of shopping - but it was a great day off and well worth it.

My photo homage to Empress Wendizzle Lee. It might be fuzzy but it's still sleeveless...we only coat up for fashion here in the desert.

I wonder what my boyfriends doin? Oh he's working. Mom had invited Julian to dinner but as usual he's working...

The thought of barbecue is just too exciting. Hey Alfie...I included this pic so you could see my tokidoki in the bottom left of the pic - **laughs**

Keyla drivin' to the barbecue spot

Mom doin' her Ooooh - e Feezie style. hahahhaha.

Rommel, Benjo, Mom and Keyla

Errybody...I told the server to hold still but NOOOOO.

Benjo and Rommel

Rommel and Mom...Mom always looks a touch happier with our handsome brother in the picture. This buffed monster of a brother I have was actually a preemie at one time and they din't even think he'd make it. He is truly the apple of Mommy's eye and I'm so not mad about it. They say that when he was born his thigh was the size of a chicken leg.

Lookin' kinna gangsta there Mommy...

My plate: St Louis Style Ribs, Baby Back and Brisket. There are no sides...I had a large garden salad with Blue Cheese to start. Don't Laugh. This is very serious and barbecue have a love affair.

Benjo with Brisket, double ribs, mac and cheese plus shoestring fries. Observe my brother in the back not even giving a DAMN about pictures coz he's cuttin' into some beef ribs, grilled veggies and double brisket. hahaha.

Keyla with her own variation on a theme...Yup I ate some of those fries

Oh you thought I was playin??? That is MY plate. The only plate that got cleaned and I was being handed random St. Louis Style ribs from other peoples plates coz they couldn't HANG. I told you - me and barbecue have a love affair and if it wouldn't of embarrassed my brother I would have ordered another rack and just ate it at a leisurely pace. Bwaa hahahhaha

After dinner they have the nerve to hand you a bag of HOT baby donuts as a "thank Q" Bwaa hahahhaa. I'm not really a carb fan - but I did eat one of those cinnamon snickerdoodle tasting donuts. So yummy.

Walkin' to the parkin' lot with our guts bustin...I said take a pic of us Keyla - coz we don't have a pic in front of the new car....WHY did everyone say SHHHHHHHHHuuuuuTTTTTUP dude...I'm like huh

Everyone says Mom thinks it's the same car - be quiet or we're all in for the Asian lecture. Bwaa hahahha. Mom looked at me when I got in the truck and I said Hey mom you want a piece of gum?...Whew.

Keyla put on some more E-Feezie...and I caught them in reflectorily just singin' it up. Hahahhaa - good times good times.


...on Birthday Girl Number Deuce...

Happy Birthday to my other little Sister the Ube Princess...

I love you girl - get into somethin' Ignant in the Haystack...I wish we could have gone with you to the Carribean feast in the city. Stop blowin' those surprises that my wonderful brother in law tries to drop on your nosey ASS. Hopefully Julian and I will find our way to the Yay when we both aren't so busy Grinding...You are the maker of my first godchild and my fun ass nephews...but firstly you are my right hand when it comes to smooshin' icky faces that used to hit on us in all those San Diego Malls - Whaaat. hahhaha. Good Times...

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