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Monday, April 16, 2007

16 Apr 2007: So...


My boyfriend shows me something that strikes me as "ignorant." I say you know what - I don't even like seein the gene pool polluted by anything that dumb. I further added,"I'd like to sock that hoe in the back of her skull..." He laughed and said,"Now Honey that's not so nice, besides she's a bit fragile and might drop into a coma if you hit her." I replied,"That hoe is NOT fragile. Hoes' are not fragile - that hoe is just little..."

He laughed...ridiculously laughed and said,"True enough..."


So...what's the chances of bumping into Wendy Lee @ sushi. hahahha

Freakin' Fabulous. What's the chance of one of her friends from out of town remembering breakfast grill from like 18 months ago - maybe almost 2 years. Wow...and remembering me and Gya were at the stove. hahahhaa.


So...this one is for Joseph. Just coz a man says hello doesn't mean he's trying to hump your egomaniacal ass. There used to be a place in time when greeting and talking was simply civilized behaviour. As for you Joseph, play no further with girlwomen who have violent cases of foinitis. At best, those broads have a 5 year expiry on their facial and when that falls they have neither intellect nor education. Let them be on your arm if you must, but know they have only a momentary place.


So..gangsta grill cometh at Wendy's house. So...bomblette brunch will return since Gya is back from overseas. So...Mattx will host a grandiose Burger B*yaahtches Fete. So...hit me with the dates kids.

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