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Monday, April 23, 2007

23 Apr 2007: Ricebowl Recap 1

A lot of stuff goin' on...but life is more fun than usual.

This is just the Miss Asian pageant recap


As my work days grew longer and longer - Wendizzle traipsed about Asia for Lunar New Years hitting Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore...then she came back to resume the ongoings of a beauty pageant contestant.

The sunset was beautiful on pageant night...This was taken out of the peekaboo window of my little car...

My extended family were beauty contest fans...Miss this Miss that and as a kid I always watched. I also know the behind the scene ongoings and what often drives a win. But that's a WHOLE other blog. Let me put it this way my Lola (grandmother) was always hit up for donations and tickets and sponsoring because she had an Asian business. 'Nuff Sed.

For me the single most exciting moment was the opening of the pageant with the lights dimmed on the stage and the contestants just simmering like lava at the doors ready to strut through the auditorium.

The female emcee was killin' me and yeah we heckled but after repeated botching and putting yourself in the public open yourself to that. Truth be told after the 2nd hour we weren't alone in our opinion.

And you all thought all the beauties were on stage...

Holla at Karlie for throwin' an Asian "A"

I didn't catch a pic of Wendy's flute performance and dance...however, it was stunning. Oddly enough, talent was NOT factored into the scoring for Miss Asian Arizona. THAT LEAVES ME BAFFLED. But since Wendy won Miss Talent --- It doesn't baffle me afterall.

The pics below are Julian and I entertaining ourselves during intermission:

I'm so glad we went. Nothing makes your heart sing with more pride than to admire one of your best girls without prejudice because from start to finish she held her head in regal and queenly posture. You can be proud because she answered all the questions (even the most dumbass questions on the planet) with grace, intellect and positivity. You can be proud because her talent was an expression of her cultural history and her joie de vivre.

Despite over 15 trips to the Philippines that I have taken over my life and a few years I lived there in my ADULTHOOD...I was shown some "native" Filipino dress and "authentic" Filipino wedding dresses - that my old ass has never seen. Well pardon the SHIT out of me...but if you are gonna call it native dress then do your homework and don't insult our foremothers by getting it all twisted. Especially wearin' some fictitious head dress that just smacked another contestant in the face...bwaa hahahha. Julian called it and I laughed. Then it happened and I laughed even harder.

Even though she was out of the country for the better part of 3 weeks she made it to the final 10. Then she rocked it to the final 5. Much to the shock of the crowd...and ourselves...

...much to our shock and dismay Wendy was only crowned 3rd Princess...

We took off after the pageant and grabbed a burger and a beer on Mill and watched all the drunkies traipsin' about...Hecka Funny. Oddly enough we ran into Miss East India Arizona @ the burger joint. Fabulous woman with stunning carriage, candid answers and amazing dance talent. I was shocked she did not win or place further. I remember her using a word to describe herself as "BUOYANT." dayuuuuum fabulous.

Hey WL...I think we should try again next year.


Work is glory and Love is the deepest blessing...these 2 things make time pass quickly so I have no choice but to maintain and surpass myself. Since the pageant I was barraged with work and then ran into Empress Lee 2 weeks ago @ ninja sushi...Mr. Man's manager was taking us out to dinner since Mr. Man is Dealer of the Month...good times good times.

And then again on 80's night @ the Blunt Club...

And Last Thursday was a slumber party a la Empress Lee...

I don't think I wanna wear that dress again...all that attention is frightening.

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